that's english modulo 5 unit 2

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  1. para llevar
    to take away 

    can i have a large cup of coffee to take away, please?
  2. voy a llevar ahora a un……...
    i'm just taking a group of students to the museum
  3. un poco preocupada por eso
    I’m just taking a group of students to the museum today and I’m a bit worried about it. They all think science is boring
  4. Have you visited the museum before?
    no I've never been
  5. no te preocupes ira bien
    Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.
  6. después de todo
    I’m sure this museum isn’t boring at all 
  7. proporcionar
    provide electricity 

    provide [prəˈvaɪd]
  8. aparatos artefactos
    gadget [ˈgædʒɪt)

    Lots of machines and gadgets use electric motors.
  9. alguien ha visitado el museo antes?
    has anyone visited the Faraday Museum before?
  10. no pero he ido a
    No, but I’ve been to the Science Museum.
  11. folleto
    handout  /ˈhændaʊt

    Have you read your handouts?
  12. cientifico
    scientist [ˈsaɪəntɪst]
  13. famoso
    famous [ˈfeɪməs]
  14. chisme artilugio
    gadget [ˈ>gædʒɪt 

    Lots of machines and gadgets use electric motors.
  15. proporcionar
    provide [prəˈvaɪd]

    batteries provide electricity.
  16. electricidad
    electricity [ɪlekˈtrɪsɪtɪ
  17. por todas partes
    all over the place
  18. aproximadamente ( tiempo)
    for over

    Anyway for over two centuries scientists have met and worked in this building
  19. desarrollar
    develop [dɪˈveləp]

    • they’ve discovered and developed all sorts of things. 14 Nobel Prize winners have worked in
    • this place.
  20. has oído hablar de
    Have you heard of Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize? 

    Did he invent dynamite?
  21. dinamita
    dynamite [ˈdaɪnəmaɪt]
  22. porque no pasamos?
    Why don’t we go in?
  23. inventor
    inventor [ɪnˈventər]
  24. quimica
    chemistry [ˈkemɪstrɪ]
  25. fisica
    physics [ˈfɪzɪks]
  26. aunque, pese a que
    whilst [waɪlst]
  27. descubrimiento
    discovery [dɪsˈkʌvərI

    Did he find anything else? What other discoveries did he make?
  28. innovación
    • innovations /ˌɪnəʊˈveɪʃən/
    • he was famous for all sorts of innovations and scientific discoveries.
  29. hecho
    fact [fækt]

    • what interesting facts have you learned about science and
    • inventions?
  30. el hecho de que
    the fact that

    the fact that she knew is not the point

     el hecho de que ella lo supiera no viene al caso
  31. used to
    people used to cook on fires and there were no electric light

    we always used to go on school trips to the theatre or farms.

    what did people use to do before the internet was invented?

    I used to go to the library.
  32. how to
    he discovered how to make electricity using magnets. Brilliant!
  33. hacer excursiones escolares
    we always used to go on school trips to the theatre or farms.

    Nowadays kids don’t need to go on trips, they use the internet
  34. ir de viaje
    hacer una escapada
    to go on a trip
  35. haraganear
    stand around 

    They were standing around outside, looking really bored and being a bit silly.
  36. lo pasaron bien
    They had a fantastic time
  37. de vuelta a casa
    On the way home
  38. un poco
    kinda (informal) [ˈkaɪndə] = kind of
  39. regular ajustar
    adjust [əˈdʒʌst]

    Oh I, I know, er perhaps like clothes that are warm enough but you don't have to keep wearing like 5 different layers. I think that would be nice, you know, like kinda adjust to the climate.
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