Intro To Marketing

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  1. What are the different types of retailers? What do they do?
    • specialty stores (sporting goods, furniture)
    • department stores (several product lines) 
    • convenience stores (small residential) 
    • discount stores ( lower price regular items)
    • off price retailers (factory outlets)
    • Mom & pop stores (local neighborhood stores)
  2. What is brand equity?
    commercial value on a brand that derives from consumer perception
  3. What is integrated marketing communication (IMC)?
    Strategy aimed at unifying different marketing methods such as mass marketing, one-to-one marketing, and direct marketing.
  4. What are the 4 P's of marketing?
    price, promotion, product, and placement
  5. What is the AIDA model?
    Image Upload
  6. What do promotions mean to retailers?
  7. what is price?
  8. What do retailers do to motivate people?
    rewards, coupons, cause marketing
  9. Know various kinds of advertising.. what do they do?
  10. What are the components of cost?
    • variable cost
    • fixed cost
  11. What does it mean that all costs are covered?
    to break even
  12. what are the 2 awareness?
    unaided & aided
  13. What does demand curve show?
    demand and quantity
  14. Breadth vs depth?
    • breadth EX. crest had toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, toothbrushes 
    • depth EX. CREST toothpaste for whitening, for breath, for kids,etc.
  15. What makes up sales promotions?
  16. What is a Public Service Announcement?
    Michelle own childhood obesity.
  17. Define kinds of advertisement:
  18. 1st step on a marketing plan?
    set objectives
  19. What is the supply chain?
    steps to retailer
  20. What is a brand?
  21. Omni-channel marketing?
    Online- instore
  22. What is elastic pricing?
    (coke vs insulin) must buy vs. can buy
  23. What is the best thing a retailer can have?
    brand loyalty
  24. What is a product mix?
  25. PR vs Adv.
    • PR- free
    • ADV- costs
  26. What is mass media?
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