new vocab 2

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  1. deportment
    • Deportment has to do with how you behave and present yourself. Being polite, well-dressed, and soft-spoken shows excellent deportment.
    • behavior, behaviour, conduct, demeanor
  2. attire
    The noun attire is just a formal way to say "outfit."
  3. fume
    • 1. feel, show, or express great anger.
    • 2. emit gas, smoke, or vapor.
  4. jumble
    • an untidy collection or pile of things
    • clutter, muddle, mess, disarray,imbroglio
  5. abysmal
    • extremely bad; appalling.
    • awful, terrible, frightful, atrocious
  6. fidget
    • To fidget is to make little movements with your hands and feet. Even if you're nervous during your job interview, try not to fidget.
    •  wriggle, squirm, twitch, jiggle, shuffle
  7. swerve
    • change or cause to change direction abruptly.
    • veer, deviate, skew, diverge, sheer, weave
  8. umpire
    • an official who watches a game or match closely to enforce the rules and arbitrate on matters arising from the play.
    • referee, linesman, adjudicator, arbitrator, judge
  9. valedictorian
    The valedictorian is usually the student with the highest grades in a class
  10. ward off
    • prevent the occurrence of
    • avert, avoid, debar, deflect, fend off
  11. grisly
    • causing horror or disgust.
    • gruesome, ghastly, frightful, horrid
  12. clutch
    grasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly
  13. jiffy
    • a moment.
    • we'll be back in a jiffy
  14. perpetrate
    carry out or commit a harmful, illegal, or immoral action
  15. plaster
    a soft mixture of lime with sand or cement and water for spreading on walls, ceilings, or other structures to form a smooth hard surface when dried
  16. slushy
    being or resembling melting snow
  17. grim
    • forbidding or uninviting
    • stern, formidable, harsh, flinty
  18. teeter
    • move or balance unsteadily; sway back and forth
    • totter, wobble, toddle, sway, stagger, stumble
  19. squeak
    • a short, high-pitched sound or cry.
    • the door opened with a slight squeak
  20. sill
    праг, перваз
  21. ramshackle
    • (especially of a house or vehicle) in a state of severe disrepair
    • tumbledown, dilapidated, derelict, decrepit, neglected
  22. beckon
    make a gesture with the hand, arm, or head to encourage someone to come nearer or follow.
  23. asinine
    extremely stupid or foolish
  24. trudge
    walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions.
  25. fang
    a large, sharp tooth, especially a canine tooth of a dog or wolf.
  26. reel
    bobbin, spool
  27. jab
    poke, prod, dig, nudge, butt, ram
  28. reap
    cut or gather (a crop or harvest).
  29. hitherto
    • until now or until the point in time under discussion
    • there is a need to replace what has hitherto been a haphazard method of payment
  30. pestilence
    a fatal epidemic disease, especially bubonic plague.
  31. reign
    hold royal office; rule as king or queen
  32. carve
  33. pare
    • trim (something) by cutting away its outer edges
    • cut (off), trim (off), peel (off), strip (off)
  34. whittle
    • carve (wood) into an object by repeatedly cutting small slices from 
    • pare, shave, trim, carve, shape
  35. shriek
    scream, screech, squeal, squawk
  36. grumbling
    • complain or protest about something in a bad-tempered but typically muted way
    • his father was grumbling that he hadn't heard a word from him
    • complain, grouse, whine, mutter
  37. scowl
    an angry or bad-tempered expression
  38. dreary
    • dull, bleak, and lifeless; depressing
    • the dreary routine of working, eating, and trying to sleep
  39. treadmill
    • a device formerly used for driving machinery
    • механизъм
  40. recollection
    • a memory
    • a biography based on his wife's recollections
  41. weary
    tired, worn out, exhausted
  42. shuffle
    • 1. walk by dragging one's feet along or without lifting them fully from the ground; shamble
    • 2. a rearrangement in a different order
    • he shuffled the cards
  43. shamble
    drag one's feet; shuffle
  44. condescension
    • an attitude of patronizing superiority
    • disdainfulness, superciliousness
  45. reckon
    Reckon means guess, or imagine
  46. verge
    • an edge, margin, side, brink or border
    • they came down to the verge of the lake
  47. flinty
    Flinty soil is rough and rocky; tough
  48. mighty
    • having or showing great strength or force or intensity 
    • fearsome, ferocious
  49. clatter
    • a continuous rattling sound as of hard objects falling or striking each other
    • rattle, clank, clink, clunk, clang
  50. onslaught
    • a fierce or destructive attack.
    • assault, attack, offensive
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