new vocab 3

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  1. sojourn
    • a temporary stay
    • stay, visit, stop, stopover; vacation
  2. mortification
    • great embarrassment and shame.
    • they mistook my mortification for an admission of guilt
  3. grudge
    • a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury
    • grievance, resentment, bitterness, rancor, pique, umbrage
  4. revelation
    • the speech act of making something evident
    • disclosure, announcement, report
  5. compel
    • force or oblige (someone) to do something
    • force, pressure, press, push, urge
  6. ragged
    • (of cloth or clothes) old and torn
    • tattered, in tatters, torn, ripped
  7. crimson
    of a rich deep red color
  8. auburn
    (chiefly of a person's hair) of a reddish-brown color
  9. trot
    To trot is move faster than walking, but not quite at a full-out run
  10. squelch
    • suppress or crush completely
    • quell, quench
  11. staunch
    • firm and dependable especially in loyalty
    • stop the flow of a liquid
  12. loot
    plunder, pillage, despoil, ransack, sack, raid, rifle, rob, burgle
  13. deviant
    • departing from usual or accepted standards
    • aberrant, abnormal, atypical
  14. behest
    • a person's orders or command.
    • instruction, requirement, demand, insistence
  15. lash
    strike (someone) with a whip or stick.
  16. premeditated
    • Something premeditated is planned in advanced and has a purpose behind it
    • A premeditated crime involves careful planning and research before it happens.
  17. mugging
    • an act of attacking and robbing someone in a public place
    • he was the victim of a brutal mugging
  18. sap
    • 1. gradually weaken or destroy 
    • 2. viscous fluid
  19. downtrodden
    • oppressed or treated badly by people in power; oppressed, subjugated
    • a downtrodden proletarian struggling for social justice
  20. strain
    • 1. force to make a strenuous or unusually great effort.
    • 2. pour through a porous or perforated device or material in order to separate out any solid matter.
  21. upheaval
    • a violent or sudden change or disruption to something
    • disruption, disturbance
  22. shed
    cast off hair, skin, horn, or feathers
  23. inferno
    • 1. a large fire that is dangerously out of control.
    • 2. hell
  24. bystander
    observer, spectator
  25. parable
    A parable is a short and simple story that teaches a religious or moral lesson; fable, allegory
  26. asphyxiation
    dying because of lack of oxygen
  27. brawl
    • a rough or noisy fight or quarrel
    • fight, skirmish, scuffle, tussle, fray
  28. sentence
    • A sentence can be a group of words that communicate a complete thought, or it can be the punishment in a criminal case
    • her husband is serving a three-year sentence for fraud
  29. loafer
    • a person who idles time away.
    • idler, layabout,lounger, shirker,
    • sluggard, laggard
  30. standoffish
    • distant and cold in manner; unfriendly
    • aloof, distant, detached, withdrawn, reserved
  31. pant
    breathe with short, quick breaths, typically from exertion or excitement
  32. gouge
    a chisel with a concave blade, used in carpentry, sculpture, and surgery.
  33. endow
    • to give, provide with a quality, ability, or asset
    • empower, endue, gift, indue, invest
  34. limerick
    A limerick is a humorous form of poetry that rhymes and has five lines. Many limericks are dirty.
  35. stymie
    The verb stymie means to obstruct or hinder.
  36. surmount
    overcome (a difficulty or obstacle)
  37. conscience
    an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior.
  38. rein
    • Rein is both a noun and a verb for guiding and restraining
    • You can use the long strap, or rein, on a horse to control its speed and direction, and you can rein in your own tongue by closing your mouth.
  39. lean
    • be in or move into a sloping position.
    • he leaned back in his chair
  40. ply
    • layer, thickness, strand, sheet, leaf
    • a thickness or layer of a folded or laminated material
  41. feign
    • pretend to be affected by (a feeling, state, or injury).
    • simulate, fake, sham, affect
  42. vested
    • fixed and absolute and without contingency
    • not conditional
  43. unwind
    unwind is exactly what it sounds like — the opposite of "wind," or twist. But when someone says they need to unwind, they mean that they need to relax.
  44. hare
    • 1. rabbit
    • 2. run with great speed.
  45. bottle up
    • control and refrain from showing; of emotions, desires, impulses, or behavior
    • inhibit, suppress
  46. soot
  47. rage
    • violent, uncontrollable anger.
    • fury, anger, wrath, outrage, indignation, temper, spleen
  48. flunk
    To flunk is to do poorly on a test or in a class. One way to avoid flunking is to start studying several nights before a test.
  49. hassle
    • irritating inconvenience.
    • inconvenience, bother, nuisance, struggle, difficulty
  50. attest
    • provide or serve as clear evidence of
    • his status is attested by his recent promotion
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