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  1. Olivia: What would my lord, but that he may not have, wherein Olivia may seem serviceable? Ceasaro, you do not keep promise with me.
    Viola/Ceasrio: Madam
  2. Olivia: (Approaching Orsino and Viola) What do you say, Ceasario? Good my lord
    Viola/Ceasrio:  My lord would speak, my duty hushes me.
  3. Duke Orsino:  Why should i not, had i had the heart to do it kill what i love? Come, boy, with me; my thoughts are ripe in mischief: I'll sacrifice the lamb that i do love, To spite a raven's heart within a dove. 
    Viola/ Ceasario:   And I, most jocund, apt and willingly, To do you rest, a thousand deaths would die
  4. Olivia:  Where goes Ceasario?
    Viola/ Ceasario:  After him I love More than i love these eyes, more than my life, More by all mores, than i e're love wide.
  5. Olivia:  At me, detested! how am i beguiled!
    Viola/ Ceasario:    Who does beguile you? who does do you wrong?
  6. Duke Orsino:  Her husband, sirrah?
    Viola/ Ceasario:  No, my lord, not I
  7. Duke Orsino:  O thou dissembling cub! Farewell, and take her; but direct thy feet Where thou and I henceforth may never meet.
    Viola/ Ceasario:  My lord i do protest
  8. Sebation: (Looking at Viola) Do i stand there? I never had a brother; i had a sister, Whom the blind waves and surged have devour'd. Of charity, what kin are you to me? What countryman? what name? what parentage?
    Viola/ Casario: Of Messaline: Sebastian was my father; such Sebastian was my brother too, So went he suited to his watery tomb.
  9. Sebation: Were you a woman, as the rest goes even, I should my tears let fall upon your cheek, And say 'Thrice-welcome, drowned Viola!'
    Viola/ Casario:   My father had a mole upon his brow.
  10. Sebastian: And so had mine.
    Viola/ Ceasario: And died that day when Viola from her birth Had number'd thirteen years.
  11. Sebastian:  O,that record is so lively in my soul! He finished indeed his mortal act That day that made my sister thirteen years.
    Viola/ Ceasario:  If nothing lets to make us happy both But this my masculine unsurp'd attire, I'll bring you a captain in this town, Where lie my maiden weeds: by whose gentle help i was preserved to serve this noble count.
  12. Duke Orsino: (To Olivia) Be not amazed; right noble is his blood. If this be so, as yet the glass seems true, I shall have share in this most happy wreck. (Olivia and Sebastian Exit) (To Viola) Boy, thou hast said to me a thousand times Thou never shoulds't love women like to me.
    Viola/ Ceasrio: And all those sayings will i overswear
  13. Duke Orsino:  Give me thy hand; And let me see thee in thy woman's weeds.
    Viola/ Ceasario: The captain that did bring me first on shore Hath my maids garments.
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