hate and violence part 2

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  1. descriptive stereotypes
    stereotypes that purport to describe groups; can lead to systematic forms of discrimination in which groups are treated differently
  2. Prescriptive stereotypes
    those characteristics that people think a group ought to have
  3. jigsaw classroom technique for reducing prejudice
    treats each student in the class as a piece of a puzzle so that each student is necessary to the successful completion of a project
  4. Attributional ambiguity
    uncertainty experienced by stigmatized regarding causes of others behaviors towards them
  5. courtesy stigma
    associating with stigmatized persons may result in bearing some of the stigma; simply interacting with stigmatized person can have deleterious effects
  6. tokenism
    being statistical minority in a given context can result in stigmatization
  7. john henryism
    a way in which people deal with stress by doing excessive amounts of activates; dealing with stress makes the person work harder
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