Peace and Reconciliation

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  1. Sponsel:
    • negative view of humanity as a systematic bias in anthro
    • negative concept of peace (absence of war)
    • suggests peace is not the norm
  2. Sponsel's def on a "positive" concept of peace:
    "the processes that lead to an absence of violence, plus the presence of freedom, equality, justice and co-operation"
  3. Briggs ethnography
    • Conflict Management in an Inuit community
    • examines what happens to traditional means of solving interpersonal conflict when Inuits move from small camps to large communities
  4. Inuit way of solving conlict:
    • at a social level
    • "smooth" relations
    • reluctance to express personal desires but indirect hints
    • aggressive or discontented people seen as dangerous
    • people avoid interfering with individual autonomy 
    • avoidance of direct criticism
  5. Inuit - traditional way of resolving conflict
    • Song duels
    • ritualised confrontation
    • indirect
    • exchanged in front of a public audience
    • embeds conflict in an artistic form - irony, metaphor, allusion
    • maintain social and emotional distance
    • ambiguity means there is no clean division between good or bad people - so not isolation
  6. Inuit social change - modern settlements
    • towns too large and ethically/economically/lingustically diverse
    • divergent values
    • bonds of affection and obligation weaker

    • still resolve through discussion
    • local radio 
    • leave personal messages without confrontation
  7. Tim Allen ethnography
    • International Criminal Court and the Invention to Traditional Jutsice
    • examines peace and recon as intl process
  8. Tim Allen ICC
    • ICC's role in Uganda attacked as an effort to impose an impartial and compromised W form of justice
    • after civil war in Uganda
    • argued that most effective recon efforts found in local forms of justice
  9. Tim Allen: Acholi, Uganda
    • "Mato Oput" ritual: drinking the bitter root
    • recon rather than retribution
    • killers must compensate bereaved families
    • drink root together to settle conflict
    • restorative justice 
    • restores RS far beyond the limited approaches of W legal systems
  10. Acholi critique
    • Mato Oput ritual not recognised by all Ugandans
    • few Acholi know the ritual
    • skepticism on seriousness - definition of forgiveness or remorse
    • military commanders saw ritual as joke
    • = no sense of recon
    • importance of power relations in peace processes
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