Development and Applied Anthropology

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  1. def and debate
    • applying anthropology to solve practical problems
    • uses specific goals, aimed at creating change
    • BUT issues of potential bias (employed)
    • issues of time constraint
    • ethicality of fieldwork methods
    • reliant on statistical, objective data
  2. def of development
    • a stage of growth or advancement
    • activities that bring about these changes
    • used as a standard against which different rates of progress are measured (eg developed, underdeveloped countries)
  3. Modernisation Theory
    • Roslow 1950s
    • argued societies develop in progressive stages, traditional societies need a "take off" point
    • encouraged by loans and investment
    • development through economic growth
    • local culture should be seen as an obstacle and ignored
  4. Escobar: Anthropology and Development
    • response to failures of economic models
    • focusses on social/cultural issues
    • argues development is problematic and invasive concept
    • used Development Anthropologists in mid 70s for "poverty orientated" programs
    • socially relevent/appropriate projects
    • seen as cultural intermediaries
  5. BUT critique on Escobar and development anthro
    • DAnthropologtists still assume "development" to be a historical neccessity
    • they do not question overall need for it
    • assume anthro intervention will always be positive
    • otherwise it is "rejectionist" approach
  6. Human Terrain System - what is it
    • US military places anthos in settings of War to collect cultural and social data to be used by US military
    • to plan smarter counter insurgency
  7. AAA - HTS
    • condemned
    • "weaponised anthropology"
    • brings harms to informants
    • issues of informed consent and use of information
    • issues of full disclosure - anthros cannot be distinguished from army personell (constraint on ability/identity/purpise)

    • violations of AAA code of ethics
    • should be more transparent/informed
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