Equipment Exam 02

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  1. Brightness gain is a product of ________.
    minification gain and automatic brightness control
    flux gain and automatic brightness control 
    minification gain and flux gain
    automatic brightness control and milliamperage
    Selected Answer: minification gain and flux gain
  2. The Step Down Transformer:
    1. Is also called the High Voltage Transformer
    2. Is also called the Filament Transformer
    3. Increase Voltage
    4. Decreases Voltage
    5. Has a turns ratio greater than one.
    6. Has a turns ratio less than one.
    7. Increases current
    8. Decreases current
    Selected Answer: 2,4,6,7
  3. The most common type of tube support system used is the:
    Ceiling mounted tube support system
    Floor to ceiling tube support system
    C-arm tube support system
    Selected Answer: Ceiling mounted tube support system
  4. The principle disadvantage of three phase equipment is __________.
    A. Efficiency
    B. Cost
    C. Beam quality
    D. Operation
    Selected Answer:B. Cost
  5. Electric current is always:
    opposite of the direction the arrow of the diode on a schematic diagram 
    opposite of the electron flow
    the same as the electron flow
    Selected Answer: opposite of the electron flow
  6. In modern x-ray tubes, the components for rectification are ______________.
    A. Vacuum tubes
    B. High frequency transformers
    C. Valve tubes
    D. Solide state semiconductors
    Selected Answer:D. Solide state semiconductors
  7. The three main divisions of the x-ray imaging system are the x-ray tube, _________, and ____________.
    A. Operating console, high voltage generator
    B. Protective housing, tabletop
    C. Crane assembly, tabletop
    D. Rectification circuit, operating console
    Selected Answer:A. Operating console, high voltage generator
  8. The high voltage generator section of the x-ray circuit contains the high voltage generator, the ______________, and the ____________.
    A. Autotransformer, timer
    B. kVp meter, filament transformer
    C. Filament transformer, rectifiers
    D. Timer, rectifie
    Selected Answer:C. Filament transformer, rectifiers
  9. In conventional fluoroscopy, in order to view the images on a television monitor, the light intensities are converted by a ____.
    Camera tube
    Electrostatic lens
    Charge-coupled device A and C
    Selected Answer: A and C
  10. The primary function of a fluoroscopic unit is to visualize _______________
    static images as they occur
    non contrasted blood vessels
    physiological function 
    dynamic images as they occur
    Selected Answer: dynamic images as they occur
  11. The most efficient type of transformer is the __________.
    A. Optimus Prime
    B. Shell-type
    C. Closed core
    D. Autotransformer
    Selected Answer:B. Shell-type
  12. What type of material can be made magnetic, when placed in an external magnetic field?
    A. Paramagnetic
    B. Nonmagnetic
    C. Ferromagnetic
    D. Diagmagnetic
    Selected Answer:C. Ferromagnetic
  13. What is the SI unit of magnetic field strength?
    Selected Answer: Tesla
  14. The force between magnetic poles is proportional to the _____________ of the magnetic pole strengths, and divided by (inversely proportional) the ___________ of the distance between them.
    A. Square, product
    B. Square, sum
    C. Product, square
    D. Sum, square
    Selected Answer:C. Product, square
  15. Electrification occurs through the movement of ___________.
    Protons only
    Protons and electrons 
    Electrons and neutrons
    Selected Answer: Electrons
  16. Like magnetic poles __________, and unlike magnetic poles __________.
    A. Repel, attract
    B. Attract, repel
    C. Repel, repel
    D. Attract, attract
    Selected Answer:A. Repel, attract
  17. Tungsten is the choice material for x-ray anodes because of its:
    A. High atomic number
    B. High x-ray intensity
    C. Low atomic number
    D. Low rpm
    Selected Answer:A. High atomic number
  18. Define thermionic emission
    A. The force that drives the electrons from the cathode to the anode
    B. The force that discourages the freeing of electrons at the filament
    C.The freeing of electrons from the outer shell of tungsten by the application of energy (heat)
    D. The manipulation of the density of the beam by the application of a like charge
    Selected Answer:C.The freeing of electrons from the outer shell of tungsten by the application of energy (heat)
  19. Full wave, rectified three phase units provide an x-ray beam at ___________ per second.
    A. 2 pulses
    B. 120 pulses
    C. 60 pulses
    D. 1 pulse
    Selected Answer:B. 120 pulses
  20. On the surface of an electrified object, the charges concentrate ____________.
    on the top side
    on the underside
    on the sharpest curvature
    on the smoothest curvature
    Selected Answer: on the sharpest curvature
  21. A x-ray generator with the lowest power rating the _________ imaging system.Selected Answer:D. Single phaseAnswers:A. Three phase, six pulseB. Three phase, twelve pulseC. High frequencyD. Single phase
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