Race and Ethnicity

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  1. Intro
    • Social construction
    • arbitrary as it as a social category rather than scientific
  2. 18th C classifications
    • described people on physical appearance
    • obsession with trying to classify 'natural kinds/
    • saw race as a kind of species
  3. Boas - Anthropological critique on case
    • refuted pop ideas of race
    • rejected 18th C classifications
    • refuted RETZIUS's 'cephalic index' - a racial classification bases on skull measurements
    • showed head size changed according to diet and enviroment
  4. Boas on natural kinds
    • races are not 'natural kinds'
    • arbitrary classifications
    • variability occurs within groups
    • argued that bodily types dont determine thought so no natural hierarchy
    • all people have same bio capacities for culture
    • geo/social environments determines individual characteristics
  5. Cavalli-Sforza on scientific basis of race
    • humanity is to young to develop into specieis
    • the most physical genetic variation is within groups rather than between them
    • = no scientific basis for racial classification
  6. Cavalli-Sforza concludes
    the concept of race is more to do with social meaning than physical difference
  7. AAA statement on race
    • a social mechanism or a mode of classification tat developed into an idealogy
    • that magnifies difference between EA/Africans/Asians (result of colonial America)
  8. AAA "world view" of race
    • race evolved as "world view" that distorts ideas about human difference
    • = todays inequalities between racial groups are not bio inheritance
    • but products of historical, political and social circumstances
  9. Montagu "The Concept of Race"
    • argues for the use of ethnicity as a theoretical type rather than a bio feature
    • "race" is used too ambiguosly and used to describe genetic difference - emotionally muddled
  10. Montagu - benefits of "ethnicty"
    • heuristic value
    • open ended
    • intentuonally vague
  11. Montagu - critique
    • is change possible just by switching names?
    • ethnicity can be used in the same way to essentialise grouos
    • HOWEVER ethnicity is not a substitute for raxe
    • implies a fundamental difference in viewpoint
  12. Racial/Spacial Order in Ecuador
    • Rahier
    • colonial racial hierarchy based on skin colour
    • black Miss Ecuador challenging racial/spacial order
    • outcry, did little
  13. Race used practically?
    • HackingĀ 
    • drugs designed to target specific groups based on race/ethnicity
    • sickle cell anaemia
    • BUT diseases rarely exclusive
    • social conditions more often cause of health
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