Carrier - Ethical Consumption and Commodity Fetishisation

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  1. def
    • the shaping of purchasing decision by an evaluation of the moral attributes of the objects on offer
    • makes it difficult for E consumers to evaluate objects
  2. benefits of EC
    • more moral
    • allows people to affect larger world around them...
    • ... as it puts pressures on firms in a competitive market to change
    • combo of capitalism and conservation
  3. EC - market transactions and freedom
    • reflects importance of market transactions as a fundamental part of peoples lives
    • importance of autonomous individual and freedom
    • to choose without constraint
    • important for human welfare
    • to satisfy out wants
  4. Faitrade
    • Fairtrade certification available only to organisations that meet certain ethical standards
    • in the way items are produced and transacted
    • protect enviroment
  5. ecotourism
    • protection of people and nature
    • entails travelling
    • but also done to benefit conservation, empower local communities etc
  6. commodity fetishisation def
    the ignoring or denial of the background of objects
  7. commodity fetishisation tendency
    tendency to obscure people and processes (of which labour power is a component) that are part of creating an object/bringing to market

    • presentation of some contextual aspects are accompanied with the ignoring of many others
    • eg labour used to harvest coffee
  8. Fetishising an Object
    defined by the activities that remove object from the context in which it is produced
  9. E Consumerists moral criteria..
    • are conceptual categories
    • need to be visible for E consumers to assess the choice on offer
  10. Image Fetishisation
    • images are used to represent a state of affairs that satisfy ethical criteria
    • images come to define ethicality
    • eg Fairtrade coffee pictures of growers on packets
    • fetishsies product!
    • ignores other aspects of production such as roaster etc
  11. Image Fetishisation - commercial
    commerical pressure and practises shape the definition of ethics/ a moral world
  12. Fetishisation of purchase
    • E Consumers tend to see object by its properties rather than the activites that brought it and the consumer together
    • coffee grower - direct link
    • activites ignored
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