Health Test 2

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  1. Plaque
    Harmful bacteria on the teeth
  2. Cavities
    What dental caries is commonly called
  3. Dentin
    Hard, bonelike tissue that forms the tooth
  4. Pulp
    The inner part of the tooth
  5. Acid
    What plaque changes the sugar in your mouth to
  6. Bacteria
    What halitosis may be caused by, growing in the mouth
  7. Periodontal Disease
    An Infection of the gums
  8. Malocclusion
    Improper fitting together of the upper and lower teeth
  9. Dermis
    Layer of skin containing the hair follicles, sweat glands and the subcutaneous glands
  10. Sunscreen
    Lotion that screens out ultraviolet rays
  11. Sebum
    Oily substance produces by the oil glands
  12. Melanin
    Dark-colored pigment
  13. Subcutaneous Layer
    Fatty layer of skin that stores energy
  14. Epidermis
    The outer layer of skin
  15. Melanin
    Dark colored pigment that gives the skin a brownish color
  16. Saliva
    digestive juice in your mouth
  17. Calculus
    Hard deposit of plaque
  18. Orthodontist
    Dentist who specializes in treating crowded , crooked teeth
  19. What are some ways to prevent plaque buildup?
    • 1) brush after eating
    • 2) brush at bedtime
    • 3) floss daily
    • 4) eat less sweet foods
    • 5) have regular dental checkups
  20. What layers of skin does a second degree burn affect?
    epidermis and dermis
  21. What layers does a first degree burn affect?
  22. Does a second degree burn form blisters?
  23. How do you treat a first degree burn?
    Use cool water
  24. How do you treat a second degree burn?
    Use cool water, cover it with sterile cloth or bandage
  25. How do you treat a third degree burn?
    • Call 911
    • Get emergency/hospital treatment
  26. What are the signs of infection?
    redness, swelling, pus, throbbing pain
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