Daedalus and Icarus

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  1. Daedalus interea Creten longumque perosus
    • Meanwhile, Daedalus hating Crete and his long exile and touched by a
    • Daedalus: nom s - subject
    • Creten: acc s - d.o.
  2. exilium tactusque loci natalis amore
    • love for(of) his birthplace, had been
    • exilium: acc s - d.o.
    • tactusque: ppp - nom m (Daedalus)
    • loci natalis: gen s - objective
    • amore: abl s - means
  3. clausus erat pelago. 'terras licet' inquit 'et undas
    • closed (shut in) by the sea. He said, "although he may shut off the lands and the sea
    • pelago: abl s - means
    • terras: acc pl - d.o.
    • undas: acc pl - d.o. - metonomy
  4. obstruat: et caelum certe patet; ibimus illac:
    • certainly, the sky is open; we will go that way:
    • obstruat: pres. subj. - licet
    • caelum: nom s - subject
  5. omnia possideat, non possidet aera Minos.'
    • though he may hold all things, Minos does not hold the air
    • omnia: acc pl - d.o.
    • possideat: pres. subj. - licet
    • Minos: nom s - subject
  6. dixit et ignotas animum dimittit in artes
    • He said (this) and he put his mind to unknown skills
    • ignotas artes: acc pl - place to which
    • animum: acc s - d.o.
  7. naturamque novat. nam ponit in ordine pennas
    • and he renews nature. For he places feathers in order
    • naturamque: acc s - d.o.
    • in ordine: abl s - place where/manner
    • pennas: acc pl - d.o.
  8. a minima coeptas, longam breviore sequenti,
    • beginning from the smallest with the shorter following the long
    • minima: abl s - place from which
    • longam: acc s - d.o.
    • sequenti: pres part - abl s - manner
  9. ut clivo crevisse putes: sic rustica quondam
    • so that you might suppose they had grown on a slope: in the same way once
    • clivo: abl s - place where
    • crevisse: perf inf - ind. st.
    • putes: pres subj - purpose/result
  10. fistula disparibus paulatim surgit avenis;
    • a Pan's pip with its unequal reeds rose little by little;
    • fistula: nom s - subject
  11. tum lino medias et ceris alligat imas
    • then he fastens the middle and the (lower ends) bottom with thread and wax
    • medias: acc pl - d.o.
    • imas: acc pl - d.o.
  12. atque ita conpositas parvo curvamine flectit,
    • and he bends (them) so arranged with a small (slight) curve
    • conpositas: ppp - acc pl
    • parvo curvamiine: abl s - manner
  13. ut veras imitetur aves. puer Icarus una
    • so that they imitate true birds (wings). The boy Icarus was standing nearby
    • veras aves: acc pl - d.o.
    • imitetur: pres pass subj - purpose
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