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  1. List an example of an offensive tactic by the British.
    Better trained troops to engage Washington's troops
  2. What motivated the soldiers in the continental army?
    Defending the rights described the declaration of independence.
  3. List at least three ways in which the British army differed from the continental army?
    Trained, paid a lot of money, army supplies, and more soldiers.
  4. List an example of a defensive tactic by the continental army.
    They made surprise attacks on small groups of British and then retreated.
  5. Who fought in the continental army?
    poor farmers, merchants, and workers.
  6. List at least three groups that lived in the colonies but di not fight the british.
    American Indians, slaves or Africa Americans, and loyalists.
  7. List at least two challenges the British faced by fighting a war so far from home.
    They had to travel 3,000 miles just to get supplies and they didn't know the land.
  8. List two things Great Britain agreed to in the treaty of Paris.
    To recognize the United States of America as their own independent nation and gave the country a huge amount of land.
  9. List at least three ways in which foreign helped the patriots.
    By supplying arms, loaning money, and trained the continental armies soldiers.
  10. List three problems the continental army and navy faced.
    Untrained, little money, ountnumbered, and little supplies.
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