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  1. What are 3 types of symmetry
    • Bilateral like cockroaches you can cut them in half.
    • Radial like jellyfish they are a circle.
    • No symmetry.
  2. Compare the open circulatory system of a clam with the closed circulatory system of an earthworm.
    • In a closed circulatory system like the earthworm blood/oxygen flows from the heart splits up to travel to each organ and loops backs to the heart. An open system found
    • in clams and grasshoppers, oxygen flows to the heart then splits up to the
    • organs. Instead of true blood some species have hemolymph.
  3. Describe the different life cycle stages in incomplete and complete metamorphosis.
    Incomplete metamorphosis only has three life cycle stages: egg, nymph, and adult. Complete metamorphosis has four distinct life cycle stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The larva can be very different from the adult. The larvae eat constantly and grow rapidly.
  4. Define protostome and deutorostome.
    During an embryo's development a hole called a blastopore develops. In a protostome the blastopore becomes the mouth first. In a deutorostome the blastopore becomes the anus first.
  5. Porifera

    What are these and what types of symmetry to they have?
    • Porifera      (sponge, no symmetry)
    • Cnidaria     (jellyfish, radial)
    • Platyhelminthes (planarian, bilateral)
    • Annelida     (earthworm, bilateral)
  6. Identify the water flow in a sponge.
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  7. Identify parts of the Planaria
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  8. Identify types of planes of dissection.
    • Cranial-head
    • Dorsal-top
    • ventral-belly
    • anterior-heard
    • posterior-butt
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  9. Pig's Internal organs
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  10. What is this and identify the parts?
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    • Shark Brain
  11. Identify the parts
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  12. Starfish anatomy
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