Spinal Nerves

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  1. Spinal Nerve
    • 31 Pairs
    • Four Areas:
    • -Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacrococcygeal
  2. Plexus
    • Netlike structures formed by spinal nerves above & below thoracic region
    • From each plexus come several important named nerves
  3. Cervical Plexus
    • Made up of cranial nerves VI and spinal nerves C1-C5
    • Innervate the back of the head, neck, upper shoulder and diaphragm
    • *Phrenic Nerve ----> Innervates diaphragm
  4. Brachial Plexus
    • Made of nerve roots from C5-T1
    • Innervates upper appendages
    • 5 Nerves:
    • -Axillary
    • -Musculocuteneous
    • -Radial
    • -Median
    • -Ulnar
  5. Axillary Nerve
    • Innervates deltoid, teres major
    • Innervates skin of shoulder
    • Propioception of shoulder position
  6. Musculocutaneous Nerve
    • Innervates brachialis and biceps brachii
    • Sensory: 
    • -Propioception of arm position
    • -Tactile sensation of anterior upper arm and lateral forearm
  7. Radial Nerve
    • Innervates most of posterior muscles of forearm and arm
    • Sensory:
    • Propioception of arm position
    • Tactile sensation over posterior surface of arm
  8. Median Nerve
    • Innervates flexors on the forearm, except for flexor carpi ulnaris
    • Sensory: Propioception of hand position
    • Tactile sensation of anterior lateral forearm, palm and fingers
  9. Ulnar Nerve
    • Brachial Plexus
    • Motor function: Innervates flexor carpi ulnaris(adducts wrist)
    • Sensory: Propiocepion of hand position 
    • Tactile sensation of anterior medial portion of forearm, palm, and fingers
  10. Sacral Plexus
    • Combo of spinal nerve from L4-S4
    • Four important nerves:
    • - Sciatic
    • -Tibial
    • -Fibular
    • -Pudendal
  11. Sciatic Nerve
    • Longest nerve in the body
    • Motor: Innervates hamstring muscles, then divides into 2 other nerves just above popliteal region:
    •            Tibial, Fibular

    • Sensory: Propioception of thigh position
    • Tactile sensation from posterior thigh
  12. Tibial
    Branches from sciatic and runs straight down back of calf

    Motor: Innervates gastrocnemius and soleus

    • Sensory: Propioception of lower leg and foot position
    • Tactile sensation from calf and plantar surface of foot
  13. Fibular Nerve
    Branches off the sciatic and curves anteriorly

    • Motor: Innervates most of the muscles of anterior and lateral lower leg
    • Sensory: Propioception of lower leg & foot position
    • Tactile sensation from anterior and lateral lower leg and dorsum of foot
  14. Pudendal Nerve
    Sensory & Motor: Innervates skin of genitalia and some of the perineum, including urethral and anal sphincter
  15. Lumbar Plexus
    • Combo of spinal nerves L1-L4
    • Nerves innervate the abdominal wall, external genitalia, anterior and medial thigh
    • Three nerves:
    • Femoral, Obturator, Genitofemoral
  16. Femoral
    • Motor Function: Innervates quadriceps femoris
    • Sensory: Propioception of thigh & lower leg position
    • Tactile sensation for anterior thigh, medial lower leg and foot
  17. Obturator
    • Motor Function: Innervates most adductors of the high
    • Sensory: propioception of thigh and lower leg position
    • Tactile sensation of inner thigh
  18. Genitofemoral
    • Motor: Innervates the cremast or muscle in males(Pulls testicles superiorly)
    • Sensory: Tacile sensation from genitalia and skin of the inner thigh
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