test 3 Lecture 27

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  1. Wholesale Slaughter: Buffalo Hunting
    • buffalo scale estimated from 25,000,000
    • to 400
    • this pressure on bison was being exercised by westerners and native americans
    • the disapperaring of the bison made life difficult for comanche's who based their livelihood off of this
  2. Medicine Lodge Treaty (1867)
    • 3 treaties signed between US government and  comanche's in order to bring peace to the area by relocating them to reservations
    • some chose to relocate
    • those that did not move to reservations were sought out and forced
    • quanah parker emerges from this episode
  3. Quanah parker:
    Battle of adobe wall (I & II)
    red river war
    battle of palo duro canyon
    • emerged as a war chief
    • refused reservation life
    • he was the last comache warrior to enter reservation
    • Battle of Adobe Walls (First Battle) - Kit Carson was tasked to invade comancheria like john ford had done before technically illegally, but it was no longer problematic by this time to do so
    • K.Carson attacks a camp of other native americans who then run off to the comanche's informing them of this. 1000 comanche's vs. 300 calvary - carson had the use of Howitzers to his advantage. Both sides fought and retreated out and yet both claimed victory.
    • Second Battle (1874) - quanah parker actively participated in this. new weapon technology was used at this time.
    • The Red River War - initiated by Isa-tai (White Eagle) who suggested that he was invincible to bullets - he led a large frontier of raids. Captain/Colonel Ranald MacKenzie was tasked to pursude comanche to go onto the reservations. Isa tai basically gives up but quanah does not. basically a cat and mouse game between the two.
    • Battle of Palo Duro Canyon - brought an end to red river way when quanah parker agrees to go onto a reservation.
  4. Post Civil War
    • Battle of Blanco Canyon (1871) - marked first time the Comanches had been attacked in the heart of their homeland. It signified the end of Comanche control.
    • Fort Sill (est. 1869) used to be called Camp Wichita built right in the core of comanche empire
  5. Reservation Life
    • 2nd phase of his life began here
    • assimilated and adopted western culture
    • became a rancher
    • befriended Burke Burnett a successful rancher; learned skills from him; leased out his land to burnett
    • learned english, adopted western style clothing and style, built star house with burnett
    • had multiple wives and children
    • adopted christianity, but still meshed with comanche beliefs
    • he used burnett to seek out his mother
    • informed of her death
    • decided to repatriate his mother by moving her grave to his lands in 1910
    • Quanah Parker (d. 1911)
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