ADP 4-0 Sustainment

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  1. What ADP/ADRP covers Sustainment?
    ADP/ADRP 4-0.
  2. What is the sustainment warfighting function?
    The sustainment warfighting function is related tasks and systems that provide support and services to ensure freedom of action, extend operational reach, and prolong endurance.
  3. What is logistics?
    Logistics is planning and executing of the movement and support of forces.
  4. What are personnel services?
    Personnel services are sustainment functions that man and fund the force, maintain Soldier and Family readiness, promote the moral and ethical values of the nation, and enable the fighting qualities of the Army.
  5. What are the sustainment principles?
    • Integration.
    • Anticipation.
    • Responsiveness.
    • Simplicity.
    • Economy.
    • Survivability.
    • Continuity.
    • Improvisation.
  6. What are the principles of personnel services?
    • Synchronization.
    • Timeliness.
    • Stewardship.
    • Accuracy.
    • Consistency.
  7. What are operating forces?
    Operating forces are those forces whose primary missions are to participate in combat and the integral supporting elements thereof.
  8. What is joint interdependence?
    Purposeful reliance by one service’s forces on another service’s capabilities to maximize the complimentary and reinforcing effects of both
  9. What are the Elements of Sustainment?
    Logistics, personnel services and health services
  10. What is operational reach?
    The distance an duration across a unit can successfully employ military capabilities
  11. What is the role of the generating force?
    To generate and sustain the Operational Army’s Capabilities
  12. What are generating force capabilities?
    Analyzing, understanding, adapting and generating operational forces tailored to the specific context in which they will be employed
  13. What is unified action?
    The synchronization, coordination and integration of activities
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