ADP 7-0 Training Units and Developing Leaders

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  1. What ADP/ADRP covers Training Units and Developing Leaders?
    ADP/ADRP 7-0.
  2. Who is responsible for training units and developing leaders?
  3. Where does training begin?
    Training begins in the generating force.
  4. Where do Soldiers build on the fundamental skills, knowledge, and behaviors, which were developed in institutional training?
    • Operational assignments.
    • Describe self-development?
    • A personal responsibility that helps you with your current and future positions
  5. What are the 3 training domains?
    • Institutional
    • Operational
    • Self-development
  6. What is the institutional training domain?
    The training and education system for soldiers, military leaders and civilians
  7. What is the operational training domain?
    The training active organizations undertake while at home station, at maneuver combat training centers, during joint exercises, at mobilization centers, and while operationally deployed
  8. What is the self-development training domain?
    Planned/goal-oriented learning that reinforces an individual’s knowledge base
  9. What process do commanders apply to unit training and leader development?
    The operations process
  10. What are roles of training and leader development?
    Training, leader development, role of the commander
  11. What is the key to the mission accomplishment in the army organizations?
    A well trained civilian workforce
  12. What is the primary focus of a unit while not deployed?
  13. Why are Nco’s so important to the training role?
    They train enlisted soldiers, senior leaders and junior officers
  14. What are the principles of unit training?
    • Train to standard
    • Train to sustain
    • Train to maintain
    • Train as you fight
  15. Who is the audience for ADP 7-0?
    All leaders and trainers
  16. What is the purpose of unit training?
    To build and maintain ready units
  17. What is train as you fight?
    Training under an unexpected operational environment
  18. Soldiers and leaders train to master what?
    Individual and unit tasks
  19. What are training events used for?
    Leaders to train educate and give experience to subordinates
  20. What is the operations process?
    Plan, prepare, execute, and assess
  21. What are the Army principles of unit training?
    • Commanders and other leaders are responsible for training.
    • Noncommissioned officers train individuals, crews, and small teams.
    • Train to standard.
    • Train as you will fight.
    • Train while operating.
    • Train fundamentals first.
    • Train to develop adaptability.
    • Understand the operational environment.
    • Train to sustain.
    • Train to maintain.
    • Conduct multi-echelon and concurrent training.
  22. What does METL stand for?
    • (M)ission
    • (E)ssential
    • (T)ask
    • (L)ist
  23. What is METL?
    (METL) represents the doctrinal framework of fundamental tasks for which the unit was designed.
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