AR 600-9 Army Weight Control

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  1. What AR covers Weight Control?
    AR 600-9
  2. How often should soldiers be weighed?
    A soldier should be weighed when they take the APFT or at least every 6 months.
  3. Who is responsible for meeting the standards prescribed in AR 600-9?
    Every Soldier
  4. What is meant by the term “overweight?”
    A soldier is considered overweight hen his or her percent body fat exceeds the standard specified in AR 600-9
  5. What 3 things must happen when a soldier is determined to be overweight?
    • Will be provided exercise guidance, dietary information or weight reduction.
    • Entered into the Army Weight Control Program by the Unit commander
    • Flagged by the commander under the provisions of AR 600-8-22
  6. The screening weight is based on what two considerations?
    Height an age with separate tables for males and females
  7. What is the required weight loss goal for soldiers in the overweight program?
    3-8lbs a month is considered safe
  8. Tape measurers used for taping should be made of what material?
    It should be made of a non-stretchable material, preferably fiber glass- cloth or steel tapes are unacceptable
  9. What are reasons why the army is so concerned about excess body fat?
    • Connotes a lack of personal discipline
    • Detracts from military appearance
    • May indicate a poor state of health, physical fitness or stamina
  10. When does enrollment in a weight control program begin?
    On the day that the soldier is informed by the unit commander
  11. What circumference sites are used for taping male soldiers?
    Abdomen and neck
  12. What circumference sites are used for taping female soldiers?
    Neck, waist and hip
  13. How many times is each measurement required to be made?
    3 times, each measurement will be within ½ inch of the next or previous measurement
  14. Define tape test?
    The method of determining the percent of body fat on a soldier
  15. In regards to percent body fat all personnel are encourage to achieve the more stringent DOD wide goal of what?
    • Males 18%
    • Females 26%
  16. When is a determination of percent body fat required to be made on personnel?
    When their body weight exceeds the screening table weight or when the unit commander or supervisor determines that the individual’s appearance suggest that body fat is excessive
  17. Can a soldier who is flagged for being overweight or an APFT failure receive an award?
    Overweight Soldiers cannot but an APFT failure can.
  18. Name some limitations on personnel that are overweight?
    • Non promotable
    • Will not be assigned command
    • Are not authorized to attain military schools
  19. What are the primary objectives of the Army Weight Control Program?
    • Ensure all personnel:
    • Are able to meet the physical demands of their duties under combat conditions and present a trim military appearance at all times.
  20. Can a Soldier be measured by someone of the opposite sex?
    No but, if this can't be accomplished a member of the same gender will be present when taping occurs.
  21. How many personnel must be assigned to take measurements for body fat?
    Two. One to place the tape and determine measurements and another to insure proper placement along with filling in the worksheet.
  22. What does AWCP stand for?
    • (A)rmy
    • (W)eight
    • (C)ontrol
    • (P)rogram
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