FM 1-04 Legal Support to the Operational Army

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  1. What FM covers Legal Support to the Operational Army?
    FM 1-04.
  2. Judge advocates look to certain fundamental concepts of Army doctrine to help them identify and address operational legal issues. What are the fundamental concepts?
    • Decisive action and unified land operations.
    • The warfighting functions.
    • The operations process.
    • Lines of effort and lines of operations.
    • Working groups.
  3. What is the purpose of military justice?
    To promote justice, to maintain good order and discipline
  4. Who is responsible for the overall supervision and administration of military justice within the Army?
    Judge Advocate General (JAG).
  5. Who oversee the administration of military justice in their units and communicate directly with their staff judge advocates (SJAs) about military justice matters?
  6. What three organizational components of military justice exist within the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGC)?
    • Staff judge advocate (SJA).
    • Chief, United States Army Trial Defense Service (USATDS).
    • Chief, U.S. Army Trial Judiciary.
  7. Normally, courts-martial are processed at what level?
    Theater army, corps, division, theater sustainment command (TSC), or other headquarters commanded by a general court-martial convening authority (GCMCA).
  8. Who has special and summary court-martial convening authority and may require support to conduct courts-martial?
    Army brigade and battalion commanders, as well as joint task force commanders.
  9. At a minimum, what should legal assistance review during regular Soldier readiness processing to ensure Soldiers have their legal affairs in order and are ready to deploy?
    • Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance beneficiary designations.
    • Requirements for wills or powers of attorney.
    • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act issues.
    • Any pending civilian or military charges.
    • Family care plan concerns.
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