FM 27-10 Law of Land Warfare

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  1. What FM covers Law of Land Warfare?
    FM 27-10
  2. What is considered protected property?
    • Cultural or humanitarian buildings
    • Buildings dedicate to religion, art science, hospitals, schools, orphanages
  3. How do you define “noncombatant?”
    Persons not participating in military operations
  4. The Law of War is derived from what to principle sources?
    • Geneva Conventions
    • Customary or unwritten law
  5. To whom can violations of law of war be reported?
    IG, Provost Marshall, Chaplin or JAG
  6. When is the use of deadly force justified?
    To protect life
  7. What has been proven about information obtained from captives?
    Humanely treated captives offer more reliable information.
  8. What is the only information a captive soldier is required to give?
    Name, Rank, Service number, Date of birth
  9. Can you fire upon enemy soldiers who parachute from a disabled aircraft?
  10. What six things should you keep in mind regarding the second category of Law or War? (Handling of captives)
    • Let enemy soldiers surrender
    • Treat Captives humanely
    • Don’t use coercion
    • Provide medical care
    • Safeguard captives
    • Don’t take personal property
  11. The Law of War consists of what four categories?
    • Forbidden targets, tactics, and techniques
    • Handling of captives
    • Responsibility toward civilian and private property
    • Prevention and reporting of unlawful acts and orders
  12. What type of actions will make civilians more likely to fight you?
    • Stealing property
    • Needless destruction
    • Terrorizing
  13. What should be remembered about enemy captives?
    They are a valuable source of information
  14. When is it lawful to move or resettle civilians?
    If it is urgently required for military reasons
  15. What three things should you keep in mind regarding the third category of the Law of War? (Responsibility toward civilian/private property)
    • Don’t violate civilian’s rights
    • Ensure the safety of civilians
    • Don’t burn or steal civilian property
  16. What 3 things should you keep in mind regarding the fourth category of the Law of War? (Unlawful acts)
    • Do your best to prevent crime
    • Don’t violate laws of war
    • Report crimes
  17. Can you fire upon paratroopers?
  18. What is a war crime?
    The violation of the law of war by any persons, military or civilian
  19. What is the result of mistreating civilians?
    You will strengthen the enemy’s will to fight and may end up fighting civilians
  20. What are the six “don’ts” of the first category of the law of war? (Forbidden targets, tactics)
    • Don’t attack non combatants
    • Don’t shoot at a parachute unless it holds a combatant
    • Don’t shoot at the Red Cross or hide behind medical service symbols
    • Don’t cause unnecessary destruction
    • Don’t attack protected property
    • Don’t use poison or alter your weapons to increase enemy suffering
  21. What should you do if you enter an enemy village and are engaged by sniper fire?
    Use only the necessary fire power to neutralize the sniper
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