ADP 5-0 Operations Process

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  1. What ADP covers the Operations Process?
    ADP 5-0
  2. What are CCIR’s?
    Information needed by command to make critical decisions.
  3. Assessment consists of which activities?
    • Monitoring the situation
    • Evaluating the progress
    • Recommending action for improvement
  4. What are the 2 guides to effective execution?
    • Seize the initiative through action
    • Accept prudent risk to exploit opportunities
  5. What are the steps of the Military Decision Making Process?
    • Receive the Mission
    • Mission Analysis
    • Course of Action Development
    • Course of Action Analysis
    • Course of Action Comparison
    • Course of Action Approval
    • Orders production, Dissemination and transition
  6. What are methodologies that assist commanders and staff with planning?
    • Army Design Methodology
    • Military Decision Making Process
    • Troop Leading Procedures
  7. What does CCIR stand for?
    Commander’s Critical Information Requirements
  8. What are 2 parts of CCIR’S?
    • Friendly Force Information Requirements
    • Priority Intelligence Requirements
  9. What does EEFI stand for?
    Essential Elements of Friendly Information
  10. What are EEFI’s?
    Elements of Information that need to be protected
  11. What are the 4 parts of the Operations Process?
    Plan, Prepare, Execute, Assess
  12. What is the Operations process?
    Army’s framework for exercising mission command
  13. How do commanders drive the operations process?
    Through understanding, visualizing, describing, directing, leading, and assessing operations.
  14. What does MDMP stand for?
    • (M)ilitary
    • (D)ecisio
    • (M)aking
    • (P)rocess
  15. What is MDMP?
    A planning methodology to understand the situation and mission, develop a course of action, and produce an operation plan or order.
  16. What are the MDMP steps?
    • Step 1: Receipt of mission
    • Step 2: Mission analysis
    • Step 3: Course of action development
    • Step 4: Course of action analysis
    • Step 5: Course of action comparison
    • Step 6: Course of action approval
    • Step 7: Orders production, dissemination and transition
  17. What are troop-leading procedures?
    Troop-leading procedures are a dynamic process used by small-unit leaders to analyze a mission, develop a plan, and prepare for an operation. TLP are used by commanders and leaders without a staff.
  18. What are the troop leading procedure steps?
    • Step 1: Receive the mission
    • Step 2: Issue a warning order
    • Step 3: Make a tentative plan
    • Step 4: Initiate movement
    • Step 5: Conduct reconnaissance
    • Step 6: Complete the plan
    • Step 7: Issue the order
    • Step 8: Supervise and refine the plan
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