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  1. What kind of organs are the brain and spinal cord?
    • Hollow organ
    • Outer Layer: Meninges, Dense Regular CT
    • Middle Layer: Nervous System
    • Inner Layer: Nervous tissue, specifically ependymal cells
    • Lumen:
    • In brain called ventricles
    • In spinal cord called central canal
    • Fluid fows through ventricles, central canal, & underneath the meninges: cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  2. Dura Mater
    • (Tough Mother)
    • Toughest, outermost layer
    • It has several folds that project into the fissures of the brain, stabilizing its position
    • Dense Irregular CT
    • Falx Cerebi extends into the medial longitudinal fissure
    • Tentorium cerebelli: Seperates cerbellum from cerebrum
    • Falx cerebri seperates the 2 halves of cerebellum
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    • Top to Bottom:
    • Dura mater
    • Arachnoid mater
    • Pia mater
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  9. Arachnoid mater
    • Spider mother
    • Grey and transparent
    • Anchored to brain by many delicate collagen fibers
    • Holds exterior blood vessels of the brain and spinal cord in place
  10. Pia mater
    • Delicate mother
    • Innermost, thinnest later, microscopic
    • Hold a dense network of capillaries that provide blood supply to the exterior surface of brain + spinal cord
  11. Epidural Space
    • On top of dura, between bone & dura
    • A potential "space" 
    • Can insert a needle intho this space in lumbar region and numb cauda equina(lower portion of spinal nerves)
  12. Subdural space
    • Underneat dura
    • Potential space
    • Potential site for hemorrhage which cannot put pressure on CNS
  13. Subarachnoid space
    • In between arachnoid and pia mater 
    • CSF flows around the outside of brain and spinal cord
  14. Ventricles
    • 2 lateral ventricles in cerebrum 
    • 3rd entricle in between halves of diencephalon
    • 4th ventricle underneath cerebellum choroid plexus/special capillary bed produces CSF(1 locaed in each of ventricles)
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