Boutelle's Molecules and Processes definitions

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  1. What is a Full covalent bond?
    Direct link between atoms by sharing electrons
  2. What are electrostatic forces?
    Attraction or repulsion due to -ve or +ve charged groups on molecule
  3. What are hydrogen bonds
    'sharing' of a hydrogen atom between two molecules
  4. What are Van der Waals forces
    Shimmering of electron clouds in one molecule induces a net attractive force to another molecule.
  5. What is the primary structure?
    The linear sequence of amino acids that make up the protein.
  6. What is secondary protein structure
    Local structural motifs within a protein e.g alpha helices and beta pleated sheets.
  7. What is tertiary Protein structure?
    The arrangement of secondary structure motifs in compact globular structures called domains
  8. What is the quaternary structure?
    Arrangement of two or more polypeptide chains into a multisubunit module
  9. What is a beta pleated sheet
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