Army History Shortened

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  1. What did Baron Fredriech Von Steuben teach the Continental Army?
    • A simplified version of drill formations and movements
    • Proper care of equipment
    • The use of the bayonet
    • He impressed upon officers their responsibility for taking care of soldiers
    • Taught NCOs how to train and lead those soldiers
  2. Who wrote "The Army Regulations of 1821?"
    General Winfield Scott
  3. What were some of the areas covered in "The Army Regulations of 1821?"
    • The hand salute
    • how to conduct a march
    • how to make a good stew for the company
  4. What is the oldest part of the Army?
    • The Army National Guard
    • 1636 Massachusetts
  5. When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
    July 4th 1776
  6. What date as the Army flag dedicated?
    14 June 1956
  7. When was "The Army Goes Rolling Along" dedicated by the Secretary of the Army?
    Veterans Day 11 November 1956, and officially announced on 12 December 1957
  8. When was the start of the Revolutionary War?
    19 April 1775
  9. When was the U.S. Army established?
    June 14th 1775
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