PADO Field Calculations

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  1. What is the formula for Pump Discharge Pressure or PDP?
    • PDP = NP + TPL
    • NP is Nozzle Pressure
    • TPL is Total Pressure Loss
  2. What is the formula for Total Pressure Loss or TPL?
    • TPL = FL + APP ± BP
    • FL is Friction Loss
    • APP is Appliance Loss
    • BP is Back Pressure
  3. What are the different nozzle pressures?
    • Solid Stream/Barrel Tip: Handline 50psi, Master Stream 80psi
    • Standard Fog Nozzle: 100psi (Elkhart 1" and Master Stream Fog Nozzle ie. Deluge or Ladderpipe)
    • Low Pressure Fog Nozzle: 50psi or 75psi (Preconnect and
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