History Test 16 ~~9 weeks Exam~~

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  1. The US bought Alaska from....
  2. I convinced the US government to by Alaska
    William H. Seward
  3. I discovered Hawaii
    James Cook
  4. I was the first Black Supreme Court Justice
    Thurgood Marshall
  5. President Reagan sent troops to liberate  this country
  6. I was the first woman Supreme Court Justice
    Sandra Day O'Connor
  7. I was a dictator who invaded Kuwait
    Saddam Hussein
  8. I was the only President o ever resign from office
    Richard M. Nixon
  9. This storm devastated New Orleans
    Hurricane Katrina
  10. I was the first man to walk on the moon
    Neil Armstrong
  11. The Cold War was a conflict between which 2 countries
    US and the Soviet Union
  12. The court case Brown v Board of Education, what was decided?
    That schools should no longer be segregated
  13. I was shot and killed while traveling in a motorcade through downtown Dallas
    President Kennedy
  14. What do we celebrate on November 11?
    Veterans Day. It was the day that World War I ended. We remember all Americans who have served in the Armed Forces
  15. What is the Reagan Doctrine?
    the belief that communism should be stopped before it can attack and take hold of another country.
  16. Why did President Bush declare a war on terror after 9/11?
    because terrorists attacked US by hijacking planes and crashing them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
  17. During the Spanish American War...
    Theodore Roosevelt led the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill
  18. During World War I...
    Woodrow Wilson was President
  19. During World War II...
    Winston Churchill was Prime Minister
  20. During the Vietnam War....
    President Johnson committed the US to heavy involvement
  21. During Operation Iraqi Freedom...
    Saddam Hussein was removed from power
  22. During World War II...
    2 atomic bombs were dropped. Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  23. World War I ended on this date...
    November 11, 1918.
  24. During Operation Desert Storm...
    Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
  25. This was the first war after World War I
    the KoreanWar
  26. During World War I...
    the Lusitania was sunk
  27. During World War I...
    Kaiser Wilhelm II was he leader of Germany
  28. This war lasted only 2 1/2 months....
    Operation Desert Storm
  29. During World War II
    Berlin was divided
  30. I was President during Operation Iraqi Freedom
    President George W Bush
  31. What is the capital of Arizona?
  32. During World War II
    Nazism was defeated
  33. What is the capital of Utah?
    Salt Lake City
  34. What is the capital of Maryland?
  35. What is the capital of North Carolina?
  36. What is the capital of South Dakota?
  37. What is the capital of Wyoming?
  38. What is the capital of Florida?
  39. Know the location of each of the 50 states.
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