Chem 122 Ch 15

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  1. Arrhenius acid solutions contain an
    excess H ion
  2. An Arrhenius base contains an excess of
    OH ions
  3. A Bronsted-Lowery acid is a
    proton (H) donor
  4. A Bronsted-Lowery base is a
    proton (H) acceptor
  5. a Lewis acid is an
    electron pair acceptor
  6. a Lewis base is an
    electron pair donor
  7. In the Bronsted system, a species may gain a proton to become a ____, or lose a proton to become a _____
    conjugate acid, conjugate base
  8. acid solutions taste ___, and base solutions taste___
    Sour, bitter
  9. Compounds which are sensitive to acid or base and change color are called _____
  10. Reactions of acids and bases in solutions are _____ and an indicator is used to tell the ____ -____
    neutralizations, end-point
  11. The equivalent of the acid equals the equivalent of the base at the _______
  12. The concentration of solutions may be given in _____, ____, _____, _____
    volume%, weight%, molarity, normality.
  13. the definition of molarity is
  14. 2 Formulas for mass percent
    (g solute/(g solute+g solvent)) X100


    (g solute/ g solution) X 100
  15. Normality is what, less/greater/or equal to Molarity?
    Greater than or equal to molarity.
  16. Formula for Normality?
    (# of equivalents of solute/ Liters of solution)
  17. Formula for Equivalent weight
    Mole weight/ number of H ions.
  18. 3 strong acids with halogens
    HCL, HBr, HI
  19. 4 strong acids with polyatomic acids
    • HCLO3¬†chloric acid¬†
    • HCLO4 Perchloric acid
    • HNO3 Nitric acid
    • HSO4 Sulfuric acid
  20. 4 strong bases w/group 1
    • LiOH
    • NaOH
    • RbOH
    • CsOH
  21. 3 strong bases w/group 2
    • Be(OH)2
    • Mg(OH)2
    • Ra(OH)2
  22. Formula for Ph from [H+]?

    Example: H=5X10^-3

  23. Formula for pOH?

    Example: 14-pH2.4=11.6
  24. How do you get [OH-] from pOH?

    Example: 10^pOH-11.6=2.5X10^12

    add - to exponent
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