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  1. What are the signs of Horner's syndrome?
    ptosis, miosis, ipsilateral anhydrosis, enopthalmus, bloodshot conjunctiva
  2. What are the causes of Horner's syndome?
    Central: syringomyelia, MS, encephalitis, space occupying lesion, Preganglionic: cervical rib, thyroid carcinoma, thyroidectomy, goitre, postganglionic: (no anhidrosis) middle ear infection, cavernous sinus patho
  3. what is the aetiology of horner syndrome?
    deficiency of sympathetic outflow
  4. what are causes of reduced respiratory rate?
    central (cerebral/resp disease), narcotic overdose
  5. Causes of upper lobe pulmonary fibrosis
    BREAST: beryliosis, radiation, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, ank spond, sarcoid, TB
  6. Causes of lower lobe pulmonary fibrosis
    IPF, asbestosis, radiation, drugs, systemic sclerosis/CTDs
  7. cause of a bovine cough
    vocal cord paralysis
  8. causes of increased vocal fremitus
    solid: consolidation, fibrosis
  9. causes of decreased vocal fremitus
    pneumothorax, COPD
  10. causes of absent vocal fremitus
    effusion, collapse
  11. what is pectus excavatum
    sternum is depressed
  12. what is pectus carinatum
    pigeon chest' - prominent sternum
  13. what are causes of pectus carinatum?
    chronic childhood asthma, rickets
  14. what is harrison's sulcus and what causes it?
    groove deformmity of lower ribs at the point of attachment of diaphragm (chronic childhood asthma/rickets)
  15. what are causes of kyphoscoliosis?
    80% idiopathic; also poliomyelitis, marfan's
  16. what are the features of clubbing?
    1. fluctuation and softening of nailbed. 2. increased longitudinal curvature. 3. obliteration of the angle of lovibond 4. drumstick appearance
  17. what is the eponymous name for the diamond sign?
    schamroth's test
  18. what are pulmonary causes of clubbing?
    malignancy, mesothelioma, bronchiectasis, CF, empyema
  19. causes of bronchial breathing
    solid substance: pneumonia, abscess near the chest wall, bronchia lneoplasm, dense fibrosis, the top of a pleural effusion
  20. causes of generalised decreased breath sounds
    emphysema, acute asthma, fibrotic lung disease, obesity,
  21. Common caues of haemoptysis
    bronchitis, bronchial ca, bronchiectesis, pneumonia
  22. causes of pleural rub
    pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, inflammation (infection, autoimmune, infarction)
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