Z440 HR chapter 3 and 4

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  1. what is the purpose of strategic planing
    is the company's overall plan for how it will match its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage.
  2. different levels and types of strategies
    Corporate, competitive, functional
    • corporate level- identifies the portfolio of businesses that , in total, comprise the company and how these business relate to each other.
    • cost leadership-means become the lowest cost leader in a industry (competitive strategy)
    • geographic expansion- the company grows by entering new territorial markets, for instance, by taking the business abroad.
  3. HR scorecard
    a process of assigning financial and nonfinacial goals or metrics to the human resources management related chain of activities required for achieving the company's strategic aims and for monitoring results (show HR value and if they are meeting there goals)
  4. Job analysis 89
    the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it (job analysis produce information for writing a job description )
  5. Job analysis and the best and different ways to collect job analysis information 89
    • Work activities-
    • Human behavior-
    • Machines,tools ,equipment and other work aids-
    • Performance standards-
    • job context-
    • Human requirements-
  6. Job description
    a list of a job's duties , responsibilities , reporting relationships, working conditions, and supervisory responsibilities
  7. Job rotation 92
    systematically moving workers from one job to another
  8. Job enrichment
    redesigning jobs in a way that increases the opportunities for the worker to experience feelings of responsibility, achievement, growth, and recognition
  9. Methods for collecting job analysis information  93
    • 1. Make the job analysis a joint effort by human resources manager, the worker, and the worker's supervisor
    • 2. Make sure questions and the process are both clear to the employee
    • 3. Use several job analysis methods
  10. SMART goals
    • specific
    • measureable
    • attainable
    • relevant
    • timely
  11. MBO Management by Objectives
    is a personnel management technique where managers and employees work together to set, record and monitor goals for a specific period of time
  12. Competencies 113
    are observable and measurable human characteristics that make performance possible. to determine what a job's required competencies are ask " IN order to do this job competently, what should the employee be able to do" (competencies are skills)
  13. Strategy Map
    A strategic planning tool that shows the "big picture" of how each department's performance contributes to achieving the company's overall strategic goals.
  14. Benchmarking
    seeing the best practice and cam pairing them against your own
  15. Digital Dashboards
    present the manager with desktop graphs and charts , and so computerized pictures of where company stands on all those metrics from the hr scorecard
  16. HR audit
    where a company currently stands and determine what it has to accomplish to improve it HR functions
  17. High  performance work systems (HPWS) 77
    A set of human resource management polices and practices that promote organization effectiveness. they perform better then those without
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