Latin America Final Week 9

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  1. 1.) what is meant by “the left” in LA

    2.) What are the different forms it has taken?
    • Attempts at socialism inspired by Marx
    • “Communism” = no private property (and eventually no state, according to Marx…)
    • Aiming to create an economic system in which the means of production (eg. land) are collectively owned and wherein distribution and exchange is to be collectively controlled and based on the needs of community members.
  2. What is the Socialist state theory in the truest Marxist sense
    • State ownership of the basic means of production
    • State assumes responsibility for ensuring well-being of the population and equal distribution of wealth
    • Centralized, planned economy
    • Does not necessarily have to do with strategies of governance (i.e. “dictatorship”), but…
    • We usually see this with a one-party system; one party represents the entire population (e.g. Cuba)
  3. What have these dynamics meant in LA for different groups?
    • different social movements have formed because of the left in latin america
    • Guerrilla movements also formed because of these dynamics
  4. Which countries are associated with the left?
    • Cuba
    • Venezuela
    • Peru
    • Bolivia
    • El Salvador
    • Nicaragua
  5. 1.) How has the Left in Latin America risen to power historically and in contemporary context?

    2.) What are some of the politics behind these histories?
    • historically, Guerrilla warfare created to topple the government
    • the only way to get to power is believed to be through Guerrilla warfare
    • recently, democratic elections have made the left come in to power
    • generally it is about actively contesting neoliberal policies and electing a government in power through democratic mean
  6. What has been the major threat to Left governments?
    The US and Right winged governments intervening in the countries internal affairs
  7. 1.) What are the general characteristics of the Cuban revolution?

    2.) Who was Che Guevara

    3.) What is meant by the “Hombre Nuevo" (new man)
    • cuban revolution became a symbol of success for the left in LA
    • Fidel Castro attempted to form leftist movements in cuba against a right wing dictator, but was jailed
    • Che Guevara was a medical student who got inspired by all the political activities taking place in latin america
    • he got inspired by fidel castro and his brother according to his motorcycle diaries
    • he becomes leader of a guerrilla movement tasked to overthrow the dictorship in cuba
    • Hombre Nuevo, the new man, is che's vision of this new socialist citizen in cuba working for the good of society rather than for profit
    • in 1961 cuba became a socialist state
  8. What is ALBA?
    • Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas
    • Grew out of Simon Bolivar's idea of a powerful latin america
    • it is a trade agreement by different LA nations who elect to be a part of this
    • Not based on monetary value of things, but what each country needs and is able to export
    • being a part of AlBA is also being a part of the new LA left
  9. What kind of principles does ALBA have? (what does it aim to do for the region)
    • fight against poverty
    • preserve autonomy
    • create resources for society
    • commercial interests should not have supreme rule over human rights
  10. How does ALBA contrasts with the free trade agreement?
    • FTAA - wants to eliminate agricultural subsidies to imporve the market
    • ALBA - wants to prioritize food security and agricultural production

    • FTAA - access to markets wants to eliminate tariffs
    • ALBA - access to markets wants to defend tariffs

    • FTAA - improve quality of life through free trade
    • ALBA - fight social exclusion and protect autonomy
  11. how and why did urban agriculture come about in Havana?

    How, according to Premat, is this a success for the ongoing Cuban socialist state?
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