Latin America Finals Week 13

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  1. dynamics of women as school teachers and as professionals
  2. Palmer & Chaves article
    • palmer and chavez show a form of social mobility of social and political change for women
    • women can be active agents towards social and political change
  3. example of Mercedes (from Dr. Levy’s doctoral dissertation)
    • character in Dr. Levy's dissertation
    • came from a poor working class female household
    • completed primary school under the conditions she would get work or marry after primary school
    • she resisted finding mediocre work or getting married in order to take general college courses in teaching
    • she received a scholarship from the military government for teacher training, in which she studied mathematics
    • she married a construction worker who supported her endeavors at first
    • she got a permanent job as a teacher, but in exchange for sexual favors from her boss. She refused.
    • in this process she got pregnant and was ecouraged to quit her activities in order to become a mother.
    • she then pursued teaching again and recieved a contract in a rural town that was highly inaccessible to her.
    • she later divorced her husband
    • in the 80's she was elected to a leadership position
  4. general trends involved with the theme of women and politics in LA
    • women are now working outside of the home
    • working and doing cleaning jobs for other women with status
    • shows class divisions amongst women
    • it is ethnocentric to think that disadvantaged women are not doing progressive things because they are...take mercedes for example
    • women are rising to power and joining social movements
  5. divisions among feminists in LA – especially around class and ethnic divisions.
    • divisions within LA feminist movements have a lot to do with different lived experiences with diverse class and ethnic backgrounds
    • ›Some roles for women (and for men) get reinforced by certain women. such as rich white women thinking that its ok that these poor women are the ones doing back breaking work
    • ›Classism is a problem because of the discrimination against people of a different class
    • feminist movement is revolved around disenfranchised women being used as servants by other women of color and elite status
  6. sex
    • biological characteristics
    • distinguish males from females
    • example: body shape, reproductive organs, sex chromosomes
  7. gender
    • culturally constructed roles assigned as males or females
    • example: men, women, or other culturally recognized genders
  8. sexuality
    a person’s habitual sexual attraction to, and activities with persons of the opposite sex (heterosexuality), persons of the same sex (homosexuality), or persons of both sexes (bisexuality).
  9. transgender
    a person whose gender identity contradicts their biological sex at birth and their gender identity assigned to them
  10. third gender
    • culturally constructed as a distinct gender
    • neither man or woman
    • not every third gender is based on being
    • transgendered
    • some cultures associate different behaviors as such
  11. who are the travesties?
    • brazils third gender
    • focused on behavior
    • a person who dresses in the opposite sex clothes
    • men dressing in womens clothes and taking medical intervention in order to acquire female features other than undergoing sex reassignment itelf
    • they dont want to become women they just want to focus on female qualities
    • they are attracted to men
    • often work as prostitutes
  12. trends of gender equality activists in the region, and understand the significance of unifying with broader nation-wide social movements; know about the example from the LGBT community in Honduras
    • rights of LGBT community is suppressed
    • they have been and still are attacked violently
    • left movements - historically not supportive of gay rights
    • gay struggles in the 80's was a major problem
    • access to getting treatment and retrovirals were public knowledge and so there is this stigma about it
    • people in honduras linked prostitution to the us military base
    • there is this argument as to how to get the state to pay for these drugs
    • in honduras gay rights movements have linked up with the mainstream
    • in haiti it is linked to tourism
  13. Countries that have legalized gay marriage
    • uruguay
    • cuba
    • argentina
    • brazil
    • ecuador
    • mexico
  14. Venezuela gay rights
    • chavez rewrote venezuelas constitution but left out gay rights marriage
    • venezuela not progressive in this area
  15. what oppositions about gay rights exist in LA?
    • the church
    • refuses to have anything to do with LGBT community
    • LGBT movement find it beneficial to align with the left
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