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  1. Web 2.0
    Interactive internet; foster collaboration and information sharing
  2. Peer production
    When users collaboratively work to create content, products, and services
  3. Social Media
    Web-based efforts that foster peer production; aka user generated sites
  4. Crowdsourcing
    Where groups of users band together to solve problems, create code, and develop services
  5. Blogs
    Reverse chronological order; Have comments section; immediate publication; tags; searchability
  6. Tags
    Refer to other websites
  7. Blog track
    Allows a blogger to see which and how many other bloggers are referring to their content
  8. Blog rolls
    List of blogger's favorite blogs
  9. Wiki
    Can be modified by anyone; value stems from techincal and social features
  10. Social network
    Online community that allows users to establish a personal profile and communicate with others; news feed most powerful feature
  11. Viral
    Information that spreads rapidly among users
  12. Microblogging
    Short-message blogging (Twitter)
  13. Wisdom of crowds
    Collections of crowds will have more collective insight than a single or small group of trained professionals
  14. Trackbacks
    Links in a blog post that refer readers back to cited sources
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