that's english modulo 5 unit 2-1

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  1. microondas
    microwave oven
  2. para
    in order to 

    I want to go to the shop in order to buy some milk.

    in order to detect the position of aeroplanes.
  3. derretir
    • melt [melt]
    • he noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket was melting
  4. dos años después
    two years later,
  5. polvo
    • dust [dʌst]
    • there was a lot of dust on the chair next to him.
  6. pañuelo
    handkerchief [ˈhæŋkətʃɪf]
  7. colocar
    place [pleɪs]

    He placed his handkerchief on the chair,
  8. aspirar
    suck [sʌk]

    his mouth, placed it against the handkerchief, and sucked.
  9. aspiradora
    electric vacuum cleaner
  10. grandes cenas
    she often used to have large dinner parties.
  11. fregar
    wash [wɒʃ]

    her servants had to wash hundreds of dishes every day
  12. plato
    dish [dɪʃ]
  13. lavaplatos
    dishwashers [ˈdɪʃˌwɒʃər]
  14. comenzar a producirse
    Josephine found a manufacturer and her dishwasher went into production. 
  15. calentar
    warm up  

    • it warms up milk, melts butter or chocolate,
    • and cooks food quickly.

    when I get home from school I have to warm up my food
  16. sonar (mocos)
    blow  [bləʊ][(pt blew); (pp blown) ]

    I use handkerchief a to blow and clean my nose.
  17. suck
    • aspirar
    • to suck dust from carpets an rugs
    • /sʌk/
  18. rug
    alfombra tapete  /rʌg/
  19. calentar
    warm up
  20. derretir
    • melt /melt/
    • it melts in the mouth se deshace en la boca
  21. toalla
    towel /ˈtaʊəl/
  22. toalla
    • towel
    • plate
    • glass
    • cup
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