All Communication Signals

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  1. OO (Engine)
    Answer to any signal not provided for
  2. OOO (Engine)
    • 1. When standing;back.
    •     Answer to 12d and 16c.

    2. When running; answer to 16c.
  3. OOOO (Engine)
    Call for signals.
  4. OOOOO (Engine)
    Call inspector.
  5. Succession of Short Sounds (Engine)
    • 1. Will be sounded as a warning when 
    •     approaching people or animals on or
    •     about the track.

    • 2. When approaching passenger stations
    •     on tracks next to platforms where trains
    •     are not scheduled to stop (except
    •     Jamaica),when persons are not clear
    •     of the yellow safety line on station
    •     platforms. 
    •     To be sounded until passenger station
    •     is reached.
  6. --O- (Engine)
    • 1. A. When approaching a public highway crossing, a train or locomotive operating greater than 60 MPH must sound the
    • engine whistle at the whistle post.

    •      B. If operating 60 MPH or less, a train
    • or locomotive must sound the engine
    • whistle at least 15 but not more than 20 seconds before occupying the crossing.
    • This may require sounding the engine whistle beyond the whistle post.

    •     C. When a train or engine is stopped
    • at a location such that it will take less
    • than 15 seconds for the movement to
    • occupy a public grade crossing, the
    • whistle signal may be sounded for less
    • than 15 seconds provided:
    •     a) The public grade crossing is
    • equipped with automatic flashing lights
    • and gates and the gates are fully
    • lowered;AND
    •     b) There are no conflicting highway movements approaching the public grade crossing.
    •     IN ALL CASES, the engine whistle must
    • be prolonged or repeated until the train or locomotive occupies the crossing.

    2. Approaching locations where Roadway Workers are at work on or near tracks, bridges or other structures.
  7. - O (Engine)
    When running against the current of traffic.

    • 1. Approaching stations, curves or other
    •     points where view may be obscured.
    • 2. Approaching passenger or freight trains
    •     and when passing freight trains.
  8. O - O (Engine)
    • Fire or smoke condition exists. To be
    • sounded continuously at open block or interlocking stations if the radio is
    • inoperative.
  9. -OOO (Engine)
    Flagman protect the rear of the train.
  10. -OOO- (Engine)
    Flagman protect the adjacent track.
  11. - - - - (Engine)
    Flagman on single track or No. 2 track may return from the west.
  12. - - - - - (Engine)
    Flagman on single track or No. 1 track may return from the east.
  13. O (Buzzer)
    1. When standing - MU Train-Emergency application of the brakes has been observed on the rear of the train, recharge brake pipe and release air brakes.

    2. When standing - DE/DM/Push Pull trains- Place the automatic brake valve in the hold position.
  14. OO (Buzzer)
    1. When standing - start.

    2. When running - Stop at once.
  15. OOO (Buzzer)
    1. When standing - back.

    2. When running - Stop at next passenger station.
  16. OOOO (Buzzer)
    1. When standing - apply or release brakes.

    2. When running - reduce speed.
  17. OOOOO (Buzzer)
    When running - increase speed.
  18. - (Buzzer)
    1. When standing - while testing air brakes on train: brakes have applied and released on the rear car and are operative.

    2. When standing - door open; check doors.
  19. OO OO (Buzzer)
    To call the conductor or a crew member to the operating compartment of the train.
  20. - OO - (Buzzer)
    When operating in door bypass; doors clear of all encumbrances, proceed.
  21. O - O (Buzzer)
    A fire or smoke condition exists. The engineer must operate in accordance with special instructions.
  22. _______ (Interlocking)
    All movements within interlocking limits stop immediately
  23. oo (Interlocking)
    Resume normal movement after receiving the proper signal or permission from the Block Operator
  24. ooo (Interlocking)
    Whistle or horn test
  25. oooo (Interlocking)
    Call signal maintainer
  26. ooooo (Interlocking)
    Call electric traction employee
  27. oooooo (Interlocking)
    Call maintenance of way employee
  28. ooooooo (Interlocking)
    Call drill crew
  29. Image Upload
    Indication: Stop

    • Procedure:
    • A. Swing the lamp horizontally across the
    •     track
    • G. Any object waved violently by anyone
    •     on or near the track is a signal to Stop

    • *Door Operation
    • Indication: Doors not clear, keep doors open
  30. Image Upload
    Indication: Reduce Speed

    • Procedure:
    • B. Hold the lamp horizontally at arm's length
  31. Image Upload
    Indication: Proceed

    • Procedure:
    • C. Raise and lower the lamp vertically

    • *Door Operation
    • Indication: Doors clear, close doors
  32. Image Upload
    Indication: Back

    • Procedure: 
    • D. Swing the lamp vertically in a circle
    •     at half arm's length and at right angles
    •     to the track
  33. Image Upload
    Indication: Apply Brakes

    • Procedure:
    • E. Swing the lamp horizontally above the
    •     head at right angles to the track, when
    •     standing
  34. Image Upload
    Indication: Release Brakes

    • Procedure:
    • F. Hold the lamp at arm's length above the
    •     head, when standing
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