Sharing the Road

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  1. Yellow flashing pedestrian-activated traffic light
    30 km/h and yield
  2. What you must do when pedestrian are crossing (4)
    • must stop 
    • yield the right of way 
    • stop far enough back (two -three car lengths) so that another lane will be able to see 
    • never pass another vehicle
  3. Cyclists are required to ride to the _____
    right curb
  4. when passing a cyclist change lanes like you would for other vehicles
  5. When turning right, what you must do
    shoulder check to you right for blind spot
  6. parking at or exiting from a curb always check for cyclists 
  7. do not follow too closely behind cyclists because
    they do not have brake lights
  8. motorcycles Information
    • motorcycles travel in the left potion of their lance
    • does a should check intending to change lance or turn
    • when turning left, watch for oncoming motorcycles
  9. When driving along with a motorcycles (5)
    • Never share a lane 
    • Be aware of motorcycles move within their lane 
    • allow extra space between
    • can stop very quickly 
    • be aware of poor weather and road condition, they can lose control
  10. Commercial Vehicles: Space
    adequate space between
  11. Commercial Vehicles: View from behind
    increase the following time and distance so your viewing area will be larger
  12. Commercial Vehicles: Never do
    move into the space in front that is approaching a traffic light
  13. Commercial Vehicles: on a hill
    leave extra space so the large vehicle can roll back when releases the brake
  14. Commercial Vehicles' View
    • too close behind may not be able to see you 
    • you need to see both of its side mirrors
  15. Heavy commercial Vehicle (3)
    • leave extra room before returning for a lance change 
    • stay well behind 
    • do not drive in the space on the right of the large vehicle when turning
  16. Log Hauling Vehicles Never
    pass long hauling vehicles that is turning left or right
  17. When school bus light are FLASHING: undivided hightway (2)
    • be ready to stop 
    • if you pass a school bus, pass with caution
  18. When school bus light are FLASHING with stop sign: undivided highway (2)
    • must come to a full stop abut 20 meter 
    • remain stop until the alternating flashing lights are off and stop sign is no longer extended
  19. When school bus light are FLASHING with stop sign: divided highway from the rear
    must come to a full stop about 20 meter
  20. When school bus light are FLASHING with stop sign: divided highway from the front
    may proceed with caution
  21. Flashing amber and red means
    snowplow ahead
  22. Railway Crossing: Advance Warning Signs
    tell you to look, listen and reduce speed
  23. Railway Crossing: Pavement Marking
    must stop for a train, do it before the stop lin e
  24. Railway Crossing: Railway Crossing Signs (3)
    • Must yield 
    • if there is more than one railway track will show the number of tracks 
    • must stop when train is visible or sounding a signal and within 500 meter of the crossing
  25. Railway Crossing with a Stop Sign
    come to a complete stop between five meter and 15 meter from the nearest rail
  26. Railway Crossing: Flashing Red Light Signals and Bell (2)
    • stop when the light begin to flash and the bell rings 
    • must stop at least five meter from the nearest rail
  27. Railway Crossing: Gates, Lights and Bells
    remain stopped until the gates are raised, lights and bell has stopped
  28. Railway Crossing: Gates, Lights and Bells Tips (4)
    • Do not get tapped 
    • last train passes make sure that another train is not coming 
    • never driving around the gates 
    • standard vehicle do not change gears while crossing the tracks
  29. Funeral Procession (2)
    • Do not pass 
    • yield the right of way
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