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  1. satyr
    • A very lascivious person
    • man with strong sexual desires
  2. savor
    To perceive by taste or smell.
  3. scabbard
    The sheath of a sword or similar bladed weapon
  4. scintilla
    a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling
  5. scribble
    Hasty, careless writing.
  6. severance
    the action of ending a connection or relationship.
  7. sinecure
    • a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.
    • easy job, cushy job
  8. cushy
    not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship
  9. sinuous
    Curving in and out.
  10. skiff
    A skiff is a small boat.
  11. oar
    • paddle
    • a pole with a flat blade, pivoting in an oar lock, used to row or steer a boat through the water.
  12. solvent
    Having sufficient funds to pay all debts
  13. somniferous
    Tending to produce sleep.
  14. somnolent
  15. sonorous
    • (of a person's voice or other sound) imposingly deep and full.
    • Resonant
  16. sophistry
    • the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving
    • a fallacious argument.
  17. sordid
    Filthy, morally degraded
  18. stanch
    • stop or restrict (a flow of blood) from a wound.
    • to check.
  19. sumptuous
    • Rich and costly.
    • splendid and expensive-looking.
  20. superfluous
    Being more than is needed.
  21. supernumerary
    • superfluous
    • present in excess of the normal or requisite number, in particular.
  22. supersede
    To displace; supplant
  23. supine
    Lying on the back.
  24. supplicate
    ask or beg for something earnestly or humbly.
  25. humble
    • having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance.
    • meek, deferential, respectful, submissive
  26. meek
    • humble 
    • quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive
  27. surfeit
    an excessive amount of something
  28. synopsis
    A syllabus or summary.
  29. torrid
    Excessively hot.
  30. tortuous
    full of twists and turns
  31. transitory
    Existing for a short time only
  32. travail
    painful or laborious effort.
  33. agonizing
    causing great physical or mental pain.
  34. travesty
    a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something
  35. grotesque
    comically or repulsively ugly or distorted
  36. trenchant
    • having keenness and forcefulness and penetration in thought, expression, or intellect
    • incisive, penetrating, sharp, keen, insightful, acute
  37. truculence
    Truculence is showing a fierce kind of aggression.
  38. truculent
    Having the character or the spirit of a savage.
  39. turbid
    In a state of turmoil; muddled
  40. turgid
  41. tutelage
    If you babysit and tutor younger children after school, the kids are under your tutelage. You are responsible for their care and education.
  42. ulterior
    existing beyond what is obvious or admitted; intentionally hidden
  43. untoward
    • unexpected and inappropriate or inconvenient.
    • Causing annoyance or hindrance
    • unexpected, unforeseen
  44. vagary
    A sudden desire or action
  45. vainglory
    inordinate pride in oneself or one's achievements; excessive vanity.
  46. valorous
  47. veracious
    speaking or representing the truth.
  48. verbiage
    Use of many words without necessity.
  49. verbose
    • using or expressed in more words than are needed
    • Wordy
  50. verdant
    Green with vegetation.
  51. veritable
    Real; true; genuine.
  52. vestige
    A visible trace, mark, or impression, of something absent, lost, or gone
  53. vigilance
    Alert and intent mental watchfulness in guarding against danger.
  54. virago
    Loud talkative women, strong statured women
  55. virtu
    knowledge of or expertise in the fine arts.
  56. vitiate
    • spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of.
    • to contaminate.
  57. vituperate
    To vituperate is to speak or write in an extremely negative way about someone
  58. confer
    grant or bestow (a title, degree, benefit, or right).
  59. slack
    not taut or held tightly in position; loose
  60. abrupt
    • sudden and unexpected
    • I was surprised by the abrupt change of subject
  61. paraphernalia
    • miscellaneous articles, especially the equipment needed for a particular activity.
    • equipment, stuff, things
  62. rogue
    • a dishonest or unprincipled man
    • scoundrel, villain, miscreant, reprobate
    • you are a rogue and an embezzler
  63. menace
    • a person or thing that is likely to cause harm; a threat or danger
    • danger, peril, risk, hazard, threat; jeopardy
    • a new initiative aimed at beating the menace of drugs
  64. jingle
    To jingle is to make a sound like pieces of metal jangling together, like those bells people sing about at Christmas. A jingle is also a funny little poem or song.
  65. merit
    • Merit is another way of saying "deserve." 
    • The National Merit Scholarship program is based on merit––students whose SAT scores are high enough deserve to be in the program.
  66. craving
    • A craving is an intense desire for something really particular. 
    • longing, yearning, desire, want, wish, hankering
  67. annals
    Annals are chronological historical records.
  68. muster
    • assemble (troops), especially for inspection or in preparation for battle.
    • assemble, mobilize, rally, summon, gather (together)
  69. carcass
    the dead body of an animal
  70. errand
    • a short journey undertaken in order to deliver or collect something, often on someone else's behalf.
    • task, job, chore, assignment
  71. pellet
    • a small sphere
    • ball, globe, orb
  72. flick
    • a sudden sharp movement.
    • jerk, snap, flip, whisk
  73. piddling
    • pathetically trivial; trifling
    • piddling little questions
    • petty, footling, slight, small, insignificant
  74. tinker
    an act of attempting to repair something in a casual or desultory way
  75. recite
    • repeat aloud or declaim (a poem or passage) from memory before an audience
    • repeat from memory, say aloud, declaim, quote, deliver, render
  76. aptitude
    • a natural ability to do something.
    • he had a remarkable aptitude for learning words
  77. squirm
    • wriggle or twist the body from side to side, especially as a result of nervousness or discomfort.
    • wriggle, wiggle, writhe, twist
  78. contingency
    • A contingency is an event you can't be sure will happen or not.
    • eventuality, incident, occurrence, juncture,possibility
  79. feat
    • an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.
    • achievement, accomplishment, attainment, coup, triumph
  80. summon
    • To summon is to formally call for the presence of someone.
    • come up, muster, muster up, rally
  81. ripple
    • a small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by an object dropping into it or a slight breeze.
    • he blew ripples in his coffee
    • wavelet, wave, undulation, ripplet, ridge, ruffle
  82. peg
    a wooden pin pushed or driven into a surface
  83. omission
    • someone or something that has been left out or excluded.
    • there are glaring omissions in the report
    • exclusion, leaving out, exception
  84. glaring
    • giving out or reflecting a strong or dazzling light
    • Whether it's a bright light or a fault, glaring things are obvious. You just can't miss them.
  85. sear
    To sear something is to quickly cook or burn its surface by applying intense heat. When making beef stew, the color and flavor are usually better if you sear the meat first.
  86. vigil
    • a period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch or pray.
    • a purposeful surveillance to guard or observe
  87. budge
    • make or cause to make the slightest movement.
    • the line in the bank hasn't budged
    • move, shift, stir, go
  88. proficiency
    If you have proficiency with something, you are pretty good at it. If you have proficiency with English vocabulary, you can attain your goal
  89. lame
    disabled in a leg or foot.
  90. abate
    • to reduce, lessen 
    • The rain poured down for a while, then abated.
  91. abdicate
    • to give up a position, usually one of leadership
    • When he realized that the revolutionaries would surely win, the king abdicated his throne.
  92. abject
    • wretched, pitiful, miserable
    • After losing all her money, falling into a puddle, and breaking her ankle, Eloise was abject.
  93. abnegation
    • denial of comfort to oneself
    • The holy man slept on the floor, took only cold showers, and generally followed other practices of abnegation
  94. abridge
    • to cut down, shorten
    • Moby-Dick is such a long book that even the abridged version is longer than most normal books
  95. accentuate
    • to stress, highlight
    • (Psychologists agree that those people who are happiest accentuate the positive in life.
  96. acclaim
    • high praise
    • Greg’s excellent poem won the acclaim of his friends
  97. accommodating
    • helpful, obliging, polite
    • Though the apartment was not big enough for three people, Arnold, Mark, and Zebulon were all friends and were accommodating to each other.
  98. accretion
    • gradual growth in size or amount
    • Stalactites are formed by the accretion of minerals from the roofs of caves.
  99. acerbic
    • biting, bitter in tone or taste
    • Jill became extremely acerbic and began to cruelly make fun of all her friends
  100. adept
    • extremely skilled
    • Tarzan was adept at jumping from tree to tree like a monkey
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