vocab 22

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  1. unwitting
    Use the adjective unwitting to describe someone who doesn't know certain important information, such as unwitting computer users who don't know that an online shopping site is tracking all their activity.
  2. chary
    Being chary is being wary or cautious. If you lost two teeth in last year’s rugby season, you should be chary of signing up again this year.
  3. dilatory
    Something dilatory creates a delay. If you are a high school student, once in a while you might have used dilatory tactics if you forgot to do your homework.
  4. indigenous
    Use indigenous to describe a plant, animal or person that is native or original to an area. Though Switzerland is known for its chocolates, chocolate, which comes from the cocoa plant, is indigenous to South America.
  5. paramount
    To the President, protecting our nation's security is of paramount importance — it's at the very top of his to-do list.
  6. sequester
  7. upbraid
    scold; tell off; reprimand
  8. finicky
    • fussy or fastidious about one's needs or requirements.
    • You dine at one restaurant, and you always order the same meal. You are a finicky eater — that is, you are quite particular about food.
  9. indolence
    If your boss catches you sleeping with your head on your desk, she's likely to comment on your indolence. Indolence is another word for laziness.
  10. mallet
    • 1. wooden hammer
    • 2. stick used for polo
  11. serendipity
    If you find good things without looking for them, serendipity — unexpected good luck — has brought them to you.
  12. uproarious
    Uproarious situations are very loud, a little out of control, and often hilarious. You might encounter an uproarious crowd at a soccer match, or even in your school cafeteria.
  13. anthology
    a book which is a collection of poems or stories
  14. dilettante
    A dilettante is an amateur, often one who pretends to be very knowledgeable.
  15. fatuous
    Fatuous means lacking intelligence. If you want to call somebody stupid, you can use fatuous instead.
  16. parched
    Something parched is excessively dry and hot, in extreme need of water, like a desert, a neglected plant, or your throat after a five-kilometer run; dried up
  17. upshot
    The upshot of an action is the end result, whatever happens last as a consequence of the original action. The upshot of reading this sentence is that you will understand what the word upshot means.
  18. anthropocentrism
    putting man at the center of one's philosophy
  19. pariah
    • A pariah is someone that has been soundly rejected by their community. Your constant gossiping might make you a pariah on campus.
    • an outcast from society
  20. serrated
    jagged(назъбен); saw-like
  21. suave
    (especially of a man) charming, confident, and elegant.
  22. choleric
    bad-tempered or irritable, easily angered
  23. diorama
    If you use a shoe box and tiny toys to recreate the Battle of Normandy, you are creating a diorama, or three dimensional model, of the event.
  24. fecund
    • producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile.
    • a lush and fecund garden
  25. inebriation
    drunkenness; intoxication
  26. marshal
    A federal marshal knocks on your door. You panic: a marshal is a law officer. What do you do? You marshal your thoughts, that is, put them in order.
  27. parity
    Parity refers to equality of an amount or value, and it's used most often to refer to finance.
  28. chronicler
    person who records historical information
  29. dirge
    mournful(sad) song
  30. felicitous
    • well chosen or suited to the circumstances; apt
    • a felicitous phrase
  31. ineffable
    cannot be expressed in words
  32. marsupial
    pouched mammal (like a kangaroo)
  33. circuitous
    Circuitous means indirect or roundabout. If you're in a hurry to get to the hospital where your wife is having a baby, you want to take the straightest, fastest way, not a circuitous one!
  34. disapprobation
    strong disapproval, typically on moral grounds
  35. martinet
    person who believes in strict discipline
  36. proletarian
    Working class, blue collar, plebeian and certainly not aristocratic — that's what the adjective proletarian means.
  37. utopian
    • a believer in an ideal world
    • If you're looking to relocate to a utopia, good luck!
  38. circumlocution
    Circumlocution is a long, complicated word which means a long, complicated way of expressing something.
  39. parry
    ward off; avoid
  40. circumscribe
    • restrict (something) within limits.
    • their movements were strictly monitored and circumscribed
  41. matriarchy
    a system of society or government ruled by a woman or women.
  42. proponents
    promoters; supporters
  43. smelt
    extract (metal) from its ore by a process involving heating and melting
  44. jarring
    making or causing a harsh and irritating sound
  45. relentless
    • Relentless is a good word for describing something that's harsh, unforgiving, and persistent, like the hot sun in the desert
    • inexorable
  46. maverick
    a loner
  47. prosaic
    dull; boring; ordinary
  48. arable
    If you describe land as arable, it means that something can grow there. If you're looking to raise crops, you better find yourself a patch of arable land.
  49. deplore
    • feel or express strong disapproval of (something); abhor, detest, despise; condemn, denounce
    • we deplore this act of violence
  50. exculpate
    • To exculpate means to find someone not guilty of criminal charges.
    • free someone from blame; pardon; acquit
  51. curtail
    • To curtail something is to slow it down, put restrictions on it, or stop it entirely. If I give up cake, I am curtailing my cake-eating.
    • reduce, cut, cut down, decrease, lessen
  52. epicure
    We call a person who truly loves food and drink at the highest levels—an epicure.
  53. tenuous
    • If something is tenuous it's thin, either literally or metaphorically.
    • flimsy, not solid, shaky.
  54. bloat
    make or become swollen with fluid or gas.
  55. flimsy
    • You can describe weak, thin, and fragile things as flimsy
    • comparatively light and insubstantial; easily damaged
  56. hectic
    • Things that are hectic tend to be happen quickly and all at once — that's why a hectic day makes people nervous.
    • busy, active, fast and furious, frantic
  57. wail
    To wail is to let loose a long loud cry. If you're feeling truly miserable, take a deep breath and wail as loudly as possible.
  58. acrid
    Acrid is almost always used to describe a smell, and it ain't a pretty one. Acrid is the nasty sting that you feel in your nose when you walk by a building that just burned down––it's sulfur mixed with smoke.
  59. boorish
    If your cousin tells revolting jokes, belches, and smells like he spent the winter in a cave, he could be described as boorish — an adjective used for people with bad manners and a sloppy appearance.
  60. belch
    оригвам се
  61. revolting
    • Something revolting is disgusting or distasteful; it turns your stomach and can offend your senses.
    • disgustful, disgusting
  62. epistle
    An epistle is a long, formal letter
  63. heresy
    • A heresy is a belief that doesn't agree with the official tenets of a particular religion
    • against orthodox opinion
  64. lance
    • A warrior during the Middle Ages most often carried a lance, or a long, pointed spear, as a weapon. 
    • spear; spike; javelin
  65. poignant
    • evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.
    • a poignant reminder of the passing of time
  66. bourgeois
    • The adjective bourgeois means relating to or typical of the middle class. If someone says, "Oh, how bourgeois!" it's probably an insult, meaning you're preoccupied with middle class small mindedness.
    • От боржуазията
  67. epistolary
    Any correspondence or communication written in the form of a letter or series of letters is said to be epistolary.
  68. languid
    • (of a person, manner, or gesture) displaying or having a disinclination for physical exertion or effort; slow and relaxed.
    • they turned with languid movements from back to front so as to tan evenly
  69. poised
    If you're poised you're self-possessed and in full control of your faculties. You're balanced, grounded, and ready for action.
  70. resplendent
    • Someone or something that is resplendent has great beauty and is a pleasure to behold. "She was there, at the base of the stairs,resplendent in her flowing gown and jewels."
    • splendid, magnificent, brilliant
  71. braggart
    If you know someone who is a real show off and is always bragging about how great they are, then you might call this boaster a braggart.
  72. debunking
    • expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief).
    • the magazine that debunks claims of the paranormal
  73. epitomized
    • be a perfect example of something
    • symbolize, illustrate
  74. hidebound
    stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded
  75. polemical
    causing debate or argument
  76. brawny
    Someone brawny is bulky and muscular. Most football players are brawny.
  77. Hieroglyphics
    If your written language consists of pictures rather than letters and words, your written communication would be hieroglyphic in nature. Ancient Egyptian writing was hieroglyphic.
  78. timorous
    A timorous person is timid or shy, like your timorous friend who likes to hang out with close pals but gets nervous around big groups of new people.
  79. adroit
    Someone who is adroit is clever and skillful. An adroit leader will be able to persuade people to go with his ideas. An adroit sculptor can turn a lump of clay into an object of great beauty.
  80. decorum
    • Decorum is proper and polite behavior. If you let out a big belch at a fancy dinner party, you're not showing much decorum.
    • dignified, correct behavior
  81. largess
    • generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others.
    • generosity, liberality, munificence, bounty
  82. bestow
    When you present an honor or gift to someone, you bestow it, which is the same as giving it, but often classier and more respectful.
  83. pontificate
    To pontificate is to talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner. To pontificate properly, you need to be a know-it-all with very strong opinions and the urge to share them.
  84. reticent
    • Reticent means either quiet or restrained. If you're reticent about your feelings, you like to keep them to yourself, and you're probably quiet in rowdy groups where everyone is talking over each other.
    • uncommunicative
  85. adulation
    • obsequious flattery; excessive admiration or praise
    • he found it difficult to cope with the adulation of the fans
  86. bristle
    to get angry
  87. decoy
    lure; trap; trick
  88. histrionic
    • Anything that has to do with actors or acting can be called histrionic, like a Broadway actor's histrionic voice projection that would sound strange in everyday life but is perfect for the stage.
    • theatrical; exaggerated
  89. laud
    To laud someone mean to praise him extravagantly — usually in a very public manner.
  90. portend
    • Portend means to show a sign that something calamitous is about to happen
    • foretell, omen, predict, prefigure
  91. titter
    giggle quietly
  92. adversity
    • difficulties; misfortune.
    • resilience in the face of adversity
  93. broach
    As a verb, broach means to bring up or introduce a sensitive issue. As a noun, a broach is one of those dowdy pins your Great Aunt Edna wears. Telling her not to wear it is a subject you should probably not broach.
  94. dowdy
    • (of a person, typically a woman, or their clothes) unfashionable and without style in appearance
    • she could achieve the kind of casual chic that made every other woman around her look dowdy
  95. chic
  96. hoary
    Use the adjective hoary to describe something that is old and worn out — like the hoary jokes your great uncle Albert clings to
  97. cling
    To cling is to tightly grasp something or to stick closely to something, like how wet clothes cling to the wearer.
  98. portent
    • a sign or warning that something, especially something momentous or calamitous, is likely to happen.
    • omen, sign, signal, token, forewarning
  99. worship
    • To worship is to show a lot of love and adoration for something. Religious believers worship gods, and people can worship other people and things too.
    • reverence, veneration, adoration
  100. revere
    Revere means that to respect someone so deeply that you almost worship them. American people revere peacemakers like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. Rock stars are revered by throngs of devoted fans.
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