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  1. A funeral rite adjusted to the wants and needs of those directly involved?
    Adaptive Funeral Rite
  2. An emotional attitude that one's own race, nation, group, or culture is superior to all others?
  3. The science of vital statistics?
  4. An instrumental action dealing with death, that is expressional and may be charged with symbolic content?
  5. A traditional funeral service may consist of which of the following?
    1.adaptive funeral rite
    2.immediate disposition
    3.primitive funeral rite
    4.humanistic funeral rite
    1, 3, & 4
  6. In which of the following family units does the father rule?
  7. In a nuclear family, when the spouse dies, the surviving spouse?
    Raises the children alone
  8. A reaction to death that may be reduced by viewing the body is?
  9. A funeral rite that follows a prescribed ritual or ceremony which may be dictated either by religious belief or social custom?
    Traditional funeral rite
  10. The tendency of the off spring to move away from the area in which they were born?
  11. Like abstract patterns of living and dying, which are identifiable in all cultures?
    Cultural Universal
  12. A funeral rite without the body present?
    Memorial service
  13. In a family, when the father and mother have equal rights, duties, and governing powers?
  14. The science of social groups?
  15. Behaviors which are construed as somewhat less compulsive than mores of the same society, and so not call for a strong reaction from the society if violated?
  16. The categorization of  people by money, prestige, and power?
    Social stratification
  17. A culturally entrenched pattern of behaviors made up of 1) sacred beliefs, 2)emotional feelings accompanying the beliefs, and 3)overt conduct presumably implementing the beliefs and feelings?
  18. Social behavior as dictated by the tradition of the people?
  19. A group of persons forming a single community with some interest in common?
  20. The change from rural to urban?
  21. The attitude that all groups and cultures are equal and important?
    Cultural Relativism
  22. A joint family would most likely be found in which area?
  23. An expected behavior pattern enforced by those governing it?
  24. A funeral rite that is in essence devoid of religious connotation?
  25. A behavior an individual must abstain from?
  26. A funeral rite which deviates from the normal or prescribed circumstances of established customs?
    Non traditional funeral rite
  27. Living or happening in the same period?
  28. The creation of a system which governs thru departments and subdivisions managed by sets of officials following an inflexible routine?
  29. Which of the following are correct about the value of a funeral rite to a family?
    -provides emotional outlet
    -provides a way to avoid the grieving process
    -provides a psychological benefit
    -causes division in the family
    Provides an emotional outlet and provides a psychological benefit
  30. The method by which social values of the funeral rite are learned?
  31. Anything to which socially created meaning is given?
  32. An event performed in a solemn and prescribed manner?
  33. In this type of family, power is passed to the oldest male child?
  34. Membership in the household includes father and mother, all their children (except married daughters), their son's wives and children (except married daughters) describes?
    Extended Joint Family
  35. Any basic divisions or groups of mankind, distinguished by customs, characteristics, language, etc....?
  36. A family consisting of one male and one female and the children from their previous marriages and may include children from the present marriage?
    Blended Family
  37. The emotional attitude that all cultures are equal and pertinent?
    Cultural Relativism
  38. Any disposition of a human remains which is completely devoid of any form of funeral rite at the time of disposition?
    Immediate disposition
  39. A division, or smaller identifiable unit of culture, connected to that culture by common trait, having unique traits to itself?
  40. Specified methods of procedures?
  41. A culture developed before the invention of writing?
    Preliterate Society
  42. A funeral rite which may be construed as being identifiable with preliterate society?
    Primitive Funeral Rite
  43. The family into which one is born?
    Family of Origin
  44. A funeral rite that in essence is devoid of religious connotation?
    Humanistic funeral rite
  45. A process involving all practices associated with final disposition?
  46. The change from an independent multitalented, self-sufficient family unit to employ family members in jobs outside the unit, making them dependent on outside resources for their total needs?
  47. A social grouping in which members possess roughly equivalent culturally valued attributes?
  48. The basic and important patterns of ideas and acts of a people as related to treatment of the dead which calls for strong reaction from the society if violated?
  49. Social customs which may be broken without serious consequence?
  50. A funeral rite that is adjusted to the needs and wants of those involved?
    Adaptive funeral rite
  51. A funeral rite that in essence is devoid of religious connotation?
  52. A "must behavior?
  53. A joint family is always?
  54. The Taharah, as performed by the Chevra Kadisha, is an example of a?
  55. When family members differ on funeral arrangement options, the sensitive funeral director?
    Summarizes, offers options, and encourages agreement
  56. An effect of urbanization on funeral service is?
    The funeral home manager needs to develop an advertising plan
  57. The death of a child would likely be felt more within which type of family?
    Nuclear family

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