1943-1956 events

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  1. Tehran conference
    Deciding what to do and who would control what once the war ended. Sphere of influence, reconstructing Europe + Germany- USA rebuild, USSR punish
  2. Yalta conference
    5 main things: decided to establish democracy in Europe (meant different things to each superpower) have communism in Poland, establish UN, reinstate sphere of influence and USSR would help USA defeat japan
  3. Potsdam conference ideas
    Talked about "big question" (Germany), banned nazi party, prosecute surviving nazi criminals and split Germany into 4 zones. Reparations and rebuilding would be done on zones.
  4. Potsdam conference problems
    New USA leader(because Roosevelt died), Truman, hated communism and had tested 1st atomic bomb so tried pushing Stalin around. USSR broke word about Poland and were developing own weapons. Disagreements on reparation and rebuilding.
  5. Big three Tehran and Yalta
    Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill
  6. Big three Potsdam
    Stalin, Truman and Churchill/Attlee
  7. Churchill iron curtain speech
    Churchill said that Europe was being gradually taken over by russia and that they were creating an iron curtain.
  8. Stalins reply speech
    Stalin said Churchill was like hitler and trying to start a war
  9. Secret telegrams
    Each country sent secret reports as they were worried about attacks.
  10. Novikov telegram
    USSR spy said Truman wanted to dominate the world and was preparing for war with USSR- no co operation
  11. Long Telegram
    USA spies reported Stalin wanted to destroy capitalism and was building an army
  12. Truman Doctrine
    Truman said communists were terrorists and that it was communist tyranny vs democratic freedom. He wanted to contain communism and said it was Americas responsibility to protect the world from it.
  13. Marshall Aid
    Main point of Truman doctrine- troops and economic resources to help countries in Europe rebuild- 'save' from communism
  14. Paris Conference
    Discussed Marshall aid with other countries- showed it was prosperity to weaken communist attraction and that the money had to be spent with Americas trading
  15. Cominform
    Communist information bureau, set up by Stalin as a representation of communist parties across Europe. Allowed him to control them. He investigated ministers to ensure they were loyal to him.
  16. Comecon
    Response to Marshall aid- rebel against Marshall aid and encourage economic growth within Eastern Europe. Also prevented trade between America and west Europe.
  17. Berlin Blockade causes
    USA, France and Britain joined sides up, they created the Deutschmark currency making communism look weak and poor and they had troops in USSR’s zone.
  18. Berlin Blockade
    Stalin blocked the road, rail and canal supply lines to West Berlin hoping to force the Allies out of Berlin
  19. Berlin Airlift
    Allies decide to airlift supplies to West Berlin for 11 months until May 1949 when Stalin admitted defeat.
  20. NATO
    The blockade raised the possibility of war so the Western European countries created an alliance agreeing to help each other if a war occurred
  21. Warsaw Pact
    USSRs response to NATO. The same but for Eastern Europe
  22. Hungary causes
    The people were under an oppressive and depressive regime. Their resources were giving to other countries and they were being spied on and killed if they disagreed with rule.
  23. Matyas Rakosi
    Hungary's leader. Used salami tactics to kill or imprison opposition
  24. Hungary events
    Khruschev made Nagy leader after student revolt about hungarys government. Nagy reduces/ ends communism by becoming capitalist and leaving Warsaw Pact. Khruschev invades
  25. Hungary Consequences
    Nagy killed, other countries stopped trying to escape communism and the Truman doctrine was broke because USA didn't aid Hungary
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