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  1. Who is the CEO of Banjo and what is Banjo
    • Damian Patton
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    Banjo - where social media meets locations in real time; Banjo instantly organizes the world’s social and digital signals by location, giving an unprecedented level of understanding of what’s happening anywhere in the world, in real time.
  2. Who is the CEO of Thumbtack and what is thumbtack?
    • Marco Zappocosta
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     Instead of wasting time searching and playing phone tag, just tell us what you need. We'll introduce you to several interested, available, and qualified professionals within 24 hours.
  3. What is Joel Meek's position at Pinterest?Image Upload
    • Joel Meeks is the Head of Partner Online Sales & Operations at Pinterest
    • Former Employee - Google and Cambridge Group
    • Notable features - Pin Places; allowing businesses analytics from item pins
  4. What is Anne Mercogliano's position at TwitterImage Upload
    Head of Central SMB Marketing at Twitter

    • Former Employment - Trulia
    • Most notable feature - Twitters conversion tacking pixel to measure ROI on promoted tweets; Closed loop system -The real solution will be for Twitter to open up impression beacons to advertisers so they can apply all of the open digital advertising stack, from optimization to attribution - this because many are already working in a sophisticated cross channel attribution.
  5. Who is Mike Gaffray?Image Upload
    Mike Ghaffary Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Yelp

    • Harvard Business School
    • Harvard Law School
    • BS & BA Computer Science and Political Science

    • Spearheaded the acquisition for Eat24
    • Food is a really important category for Yelp.” We were really impressed with what we had seen on our platform and we decided that taking a step even further to be able to expand coverage and further improve the user experience would make sense.
    • Response to a conflict of interest - I think what you’ll continue to see from us is that if we can improve the experience for consumers by having more partners on the platform, we’ll just keep bringing on more partners. If an acquisition can continue to improve the experience, we’ll do that, too.
    • My definition of local commerce has evolved to keep up with the times. It’s any time one person transacts with a business and has some sort of face-to-face interaction with another person or place. 
    • I’m a big user of ecommerce stores and I ship things to my house all the time. It’s certainly convenient, yet I think people crave local experiences. I think what’s really interesting is in the era of massive ecommerce, you’ve seen a premium placed on local downtowns and what I would call like Yelp-y businesses.
    • Eventually monetize that when and where possible, but we’ve always known that the monetization comes with a delay, too, so that’s a nice thing is that we can just continue to launch these markets.
  6. Who is Holger Luedorf?Image Upload
    SVP Business at Postmates

    Previous Employment: Foursquare - VP Head of Business Development; Yahoo Mobile as a Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Postmates is a logistics company that operates a network of couriers who deliver goods locally. Postmates is closely compared to Uber because of its use of mobile phones to receive orders and dispatch delivery drivers.

    German and Japanese
  7. Who is Kristin Schaefer?Image Upload
    VP, Growth & Strategy at Postmates

    • Former Employment: Paypal
    • Dartmouth - Economics
    • UC Berkley - Information Technology

    What other markets do you see postmates expanding to besides - food, drycleaning, groceries? What makes you different from Instacart for food delivery?
  8. Who is Sara Mauskopf?Image Upload
    Director of Product at Postmates

    Research Lab - MIT - your research sounds similar to Banjo

    BS Degree in Computer Science - minor in Mathematics and Women's Studies

    Google, YouTube, Twitter

    Do you feel to be a great asset to Product you have to relate to your customers? Do you relate to either side of the model?
  9. Who is Danny Bernstein?Image Upload
    Director, Product Partnerships - Integrations at Google

    • Former Employment: Meebo, 
    • UC-Davis

    Meebo acquired by Google in June 2012 to combine with the Google + Team

    Bernstein’s major product focus areas include the Google+ platform, Gmail, Knowledge/Search, Google Now, and other emerging Google platforms. 

    Engaging with the audience at Pubcon provides Google with an opportunity to share our point of view on these important topics, and ideally inform our product roadmap in the process.
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