Sacraments of Healing and of Service

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  1. an essential part of the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation in which the priest pardons the sins of the person confessing in the name of God and in the name of the Church
  2. Pope, approves the ordination of a new bishop
    Bishop of Rome
  3. the renunciation of marriage made by those who receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The effect of the observance of chastity.
  4. the tendency of all humans toward sin as result of originial sin
  5. disclosure of our sins
  6. heartfelt sorrow and aversion for the sin committed along with the intention of sinning
  7. a change of heart, turning away from sin and toward God
  8. professed that Marriage confers grace
    Council of Trent
  9. the shepherd's crook that is given to a bishop as a sign of his call to model leadership after Christ
  10. the first of three ranks in ordained ministry
  11. the order of bishops
  12. between spouses, an indespensable element that marks the marriage after us mutually give themselves to eachother
    exchange of consent
  13. ban from receiving the sacraments for a period of time
  14. last anointing of a person before death
    Extreme unction
  15. partial or total wiping away of punishments due for sins that have been forgiven
  16. ceremonial bishop hat
  17. sacrament through which sins committed after Baptism can be forgiven
  18. order of priests
  19. like Jesus' sufferring; brought humanity back into the fullness of relationship with God.
  20. a priest may never reveal to anyone what he hears in the Sacrament of Penance
    sacramental seal
  21. Penance/Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick
    Sacraments of Healing
  22. Holy Orders and Matrimony
    Sacraments of Service
  23. should be confessed at least once a year; separation from God
    serious sins
  24. to give oneself wholly
    to love
  25. a reason for marriage
  26. only marriage between baptized Christians can be a Sacrament
    Vatican Council II
  27. the last communion a person receives
  28. Who confers the Sacrament for a Deacon
    generally, the bishop of the new deacon's diocese
  29. Who confers the Sacrament for a Priest
    the bishop of the new priest diocese
  30. Who confers the Sacrament for a Bishop
    the principal bishop accompanied by at least two other bishops
  31. Is there anointing for deacon
  32. Is there anointing for priest
    yes, hands anointed with the oil of chrism
  33. Is there anointing for bishop
    Yes, head is anointed with sacred chrism
  34. Vestments given to deacon?
    Yes, stole and dalmatic outer vestment
  35. Vestments given to priest?
    Yes, stole and chasuble
  36. Vestments given to bishop?
    Yes, mitre and crosier
  37. Other items given to deacon
    the book of gospels
  38. Other items given to priest
    Chalice and paten
  39. Other items given to bishop
    the book of gospels, ring and pectoral cross
  40. Title given to deacon
    Christ the servant
  41. Title given to priest
    Christ the high priest
  42. Title given to bishop
    Christ, as successor of the Apostles
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