Chem 122 Ch 17

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  1. Material which gains electrons is said to be (reduction or oxidation)?
  2. Material which looses electrons is said to be
  3. oxidation is an ____ in oxidation number while reduction is a ___ in oxidation number
    increase, decrease
  4. the compound which is reduced is called the ____ ____
    oxidizing agent
  5. the compound which is oxidized is called the ___ ___
    reducing agent
  6. Electric current in primary or ____ conductors is the flow of ____
    metallic, electrons.
  7. Current which flows in one direction is called ____ ____
    direct current
  8. current which fluctuated directions is called
    alternating current.
  9. electrolysis occurs in ____ cells which require applied ____
    electrolytic, voltage
  10. Voltaic cells are ____ and electrolytic cells are ___
    spontaneous, non-spontaneous.
  11. Both cells involve movement of current via ___flow in the primary conductor and ___ flow in the secondary conductor.
    electron, ion
  12. Regardless of the cell type, ____ occurs at the anode and ___ occurs at the cathode.
    oxidation, reduction
  13. Increase of temperature shifts equilibrium toward
    opposite side.
  14. Increasing concentration of a reactant results in
    more product
  15. removing product results in ___ reactant
  16. Adding or removing liquid or solid results in
    no change in equilibrium, because they're not included in the constant expression
  17. Increasing pressure/decreasing volume shifts the equilibrium….
    toward the side w/less moles of gas
  18. Decreasing pressure/increasing volume shifts the equilibrium toward
    the lide w/more moles
  19. If both sides of the equilibrium have the same moles of gas, what happens to the equilibrium?
    it remains the same
  20. Increasing temperature shifts the equalibrium
    toward the side w/o heat
  21. Decreasing temperature shifts equilibrium toward the side...
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