Functions of Spoken Language

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  1. What is Referential Language?
    Utterances providing listeners with information.
  2. What function refers to objects or abstract concepts?
    Referential Language 

  3. In what function does the listener have to have understanding of the abstract meaning or concepts?
    Referential Language
  4. What is utterance and example of? 
    "The train leaves at half past 12"
    Referential language
  5. What's this utterance and example of? 
    "The parcels being derived here at 2"
    Referential Language.
  6. What is Expressive Language? 
    Utterances expressing the speakers emotions feelings and attitudes.
  7. What function expresses the speakers feelings emotions and attitudes?
    Expressive Langauge.
  8. What function shows the speakers opinions/judgement/feelings about another
    Expressive language.
  9. What is this utterance an example of?
    "Im really not excited for George's Party"
    Expressive language.
  10. Which function used emotive adjectives to make statements subjective?
    Emotive Language.
  11. What is an example of Emotive Language functions?
    "Im really not looking forward to George's party"
  12. What function uses adverbs to make a statement forceful?
    Expressive language.
  13. What is Transactional language?
    Utterances with a single purpose, to gain information get something done or make a deal.
  14. Which function has a sole purpose to get something done?
    Transactional Language.
  15. What is asking someone for directions an example of?
    Transactional Language
  16. What is Phatic Communication? 
    A means of beginning a conversation and showing politeness.
  17. What function serves as a means to starting a conversation and being polite?
    Phatic communication 
  18. What is 'small talk' ?
    Phatic communication
  19. What is this utterance an example of? 
    "hello how are you, did you see the rain today it was horrid"
    • Phatic communication
  20. What is interactional language?
    Where the main point and emphasis of a convocation is social functions.
  21. What type of language is a convocation where the main point is social functions?
    Interactional Communication. 
  22. What function develops and build relationships between speakers?
    Interactional Langauge
  23. In what style of language does asking questions continue conversations?
    Interactional Langauge. 
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