Chapter 5 and 6 exam 2 z440

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  1. Forecasting personnel needs (forecasting tools)
    • trend- most simple, you look at past data and make decisions from that
    • ratio- takes criteria and relates it to the goal, it can increase of decrease. (ex expected growth 25% 1.25*)
    • Scatter plot- A graphic method used to help identify the relationship between 2 variables
  2. forecasting the supply of internal candidates
    • Qualifications inventories-
    • Personnel replacement charts- mostly upper management to see who is need in line for position
    • Position replacement cards- see what skills employees have and what they need for promotions
    • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)- this will do it all for you, but you have to keep the system updated
  3. Forecasting the supply of outside (external) candidates
    • General economic conditions- if the economy is bad a lot of ppl looking for jobs
    • Expected unemployment rate- this can be misleading so you need to look at it more in depth (look online projections & business publications)
  4. Recruiting Yield Pyramid
    when a new organization is trying to get a target number of ppl to cover all cost requirements. (how many ppl you need to bring in during the recruitment process)
  5. Basic testing concepts
    • Reliability- Consistency of the scores (Are the test results stable over time)
    • Validity- is all about Accuracy (Does the test actually measure what it is intended to measure)
  6. Types of Validity
    • Face- Simplest, all based off perceptions
    • Criterion- Does it test/measure relate to the performance. Collection methods concurrently-both at the same time. predictive- collected at different times
    • Content- A test that contains a fair sample of the task and skills actually (it sample equally from different areas)
  7. How to Validate a test
    • 1. Analyze the job
    • 2. Choose the tests
    • 3.Administer the test
    • 4. Relate your scores and criteria
    • 5. Cross validate and re-validate
  8. expectancy chart
    A graph showing the relationship between test scores and job performance for group of ppl
  9. Types of test
    • Cognitive(mental)- test your overall mental abilities. ex IQ test ,FBI
    • Motor& Physical- test your bodies abilities. ex firefighters, military
    • Persanitly & interest- help people find out what they want to do
    • Achievement- test your knowledge on sir-tenĀ  skills.
  10. Work samples and simulations 169
    • work sample-Actual job tasks used in testing
    • management assessment cem- 2 to 3 day long event where they are given hypothetical situations and then evaluated by panel (large companies)
    • Video based-they show video
    • Minture job training & evaluation- teach small job related task then evaluate everyone on it. (most validity ex cheer-leading)
  11. what are things to considered when creating a recruitment ad 135
    to use such help wanted ads successfully, employers should address two issues: the advertising medium and the ad's construction
  12. what type of information should not be asked for on job application? 147
    • Education
    • Arrest records
    • Notify in case of emergency
    • Membership in organization
    • Marital status
    • Housing
    • Video Resumes
  13. know the five personality types and which one can predict job performance across many job types 166 167
    • Neuroticism- poor emotional adjustment and experience negative effects
    • Extroversion- a tendancy to be sociable
    • Openness to new experience- is the disposition to be more imaginative
    • Agreeableness- trusting and compliant
    • Conscientiousness- achievement and dependability
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