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  1. 2 months
    posterior fontanelle closed, social smile, coos, regards face, grasps rattle
  2. 4 months
    raises body on hands when prone, head control, rolls prone to supine, hands midline
  3. 6 months
    rolls, sits with support, transfers object hand to hand, laughs, turns to sound, may imitate sound
  4. 9 months
    sits, crawls, pulls to stand, cruises, may say and understand few words, partially finger feeds, enjoys games, stranger anxiety
  5. 12 months
    walks with support, may take a few steps alone, points, babbles, mama and dada used correctly
  6. 15 months
    walks alone, crawls up stairs, stacks 2 cubes, feeds self with fingers, understands simple commands, finds hidden object, one word
  7. 18 months
    walks up stairs with help, sits in chair, kicks/throws ball, stacks 3-4 cubes, feeds self with spoon, kisses
  8. 24 months
    jumps, runs, stacks 5-6 cubes, pronouns, refers to self by name, speech intelligible to parents, asks frequent questions
  9. 3 years
    jumps in place, stands briefly on one foot, kicks ball, pedals tricycle, counts to 3, alternates feet walking up stairs, tower of 9 cubes, knows name age and sex, begins to recognize colors, pretends. if speech unintelligible to strangers or no sentences, refer.
  10. 4 years
    alternates feet descending stairs, hops, jumps forward, climbs ladder, rides tricycle, tower of 10+ cubes, can cut and paste, count to 10, dresses and undresses c supervision, draws person with face and arms or legs, gender identification
  11. 5 years
    skips, walks on one tiptoes, broad jumps, hops on one foot, knows coins, knows age, dresses and undresses s supervision, draws triangle or square, draws head body arms and legs
  12. 6 years
    rides bicycle, ties shoes, prints first name and numbers up to 10, knows right from left, draws person c 6 parts
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