pediatric medications

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  1. Zyrtec
    • 2-5y/o 2.5mL PO Qday or BID
    • 6+ 5-10mg PO Qday
    • Zyrtec D only for 12+
  2. Amoxicillin
    • For otitis media: 80-90mg/kg/day divided BID (<2m 30mg/kg/day) x10d
    • Bacterial infections: <3m 20-30mg/kg/day; >3m 25-45mg/kg/day divided BID
    • Pneumonia: 90mg/kg/day divided BID
    • Sinusitis, Strep: 50mg/kg/day x10d
  3. Augmentin
    • For otitis media: 90mg/kg/day (<2m 30mg/kg/day) divided BID x10d
    • Bacterial infections: <3m, <40kg 30mg/kg/day; >3m, <40kg 25-45mg/kg/day; divided BID. >40kg adult dosing
    • Pneumonia: >3m <40kg 90mg/kg/day divided BID x5-10d; >40kg 2000/125 mg ER BID x7-10d
    • Sinusitis: 3m-1y 90mg/kg/day; >2y mild 45mg/kg/day; >2y <40kg severe 90mg/kg/day; divided BID, >2y >40 severe 2000/125mg ER BID
    • Take with food
  4. Ibuprofen
    6m-12y 5-10mg/kg Q6-8h; max 40mg/kg/day
  5. Acetaminophen
    • neonates 10-15mg/kg Q6-8h; max 60mg/kg/day
    • infants, kids 10-15mg/kg Q4-6h; max 75mg/kg/day, 1g/4h and 4g/day
  6. Diphenhydramine
    • IM, IV, PO
    • Allergy: 2-5y 6.25mg Q4-6h, max 37.5; 6-11y 12.5-25mg Q4-6h, max 150; >12y 25-50mg Q4-6, max 300
    • Mod-severe allergic rxn: 2-11y 1-2mg/kg Q6h; max 50mg/dose, 300mg/day; >12y 25-50mg Q2-4h
  7. Azithromycin
    • For atypical pneumonia: 10mg/kg then 5mg/kg
    • Otitis media: 2m-12y 10mg/kg, then 5mg/kg
    • Sinusitis: >6m 10mg/kg Qday x3d
    • Tonsillitis: >2y 12mg/kg Qday x5d
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