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  1. What are different types of simple epithelium cells responsible for?
    • SAD
    • Secretion = Cuboidal
    • Absorption = Columnar
    • Diffusion = Squamous
  2. What type of histology do goblet cells have?
    Unicellular Exocrine, more specifically apocrine = products are secreted by membrane-bound vesicles and pinched off
  3. What are examples of exocrine cells in the head and face?
    • Goblet cells = unicellular apocrine
    • Main lacrimal gland = merocrine
    • Salivary glands
    • Meibomian glands = holocrine
    • Glands of moll = multicellular apocrine
  4. What type of exocrine secretory histology do meibomian glands have?
    Holocrine = secreted by complete cells, and placed into cytoplasm of other cells
  5. What exocrine glands in the adnexa are apocrine glands?
    • Goblet cells
    • Glands of moll
  6. What exocrine gland in the adnexa is a merocrine gland?
    Main lacrimal gland
  7. What organ acts as both an endocrine and exocrine system?
  8. What does the exocrine portion of the pancreas do?
    Produces main digestive enzymes
  9. What does the endocrine portion of the pancreas do?
    Produces insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin in the islets of langerhan's
  10. Where is non-keratinized stratified epithelium found?
    • Cornea
    • Conjunctiva
    • Esophagus
    • Vagina
  11. Where is stratified keratinized epithelium found?
    Thick skin of the palm of the hand
  12. Where is stratified cuboidal epithelium found?
    Sweat glands
  13. What type of epithelium is found in the anus?
    Stratified columnar
  14. What type of epithelium does the bladder have?
  15. what are examples of compound exocrine glands?
    • Salivary glands:
    • Sublingual glands
    • Submandibular glands
    • Parotid glands
  16. What does the sublingual gland secrete?
  17. What does the submandibular gland secrete?
    Mucus and serous
  18. What does the parotid gland secrete?
  19. what exocrine glands are unicellular in the adnexa?
    Goblet cells
  20. What exocrine gland is holocrine in the adnexa?
    Meibomian glands
  21. Where does the basal lamina come from?
    Secreted by epithelial cell
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