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  1. ´╗┐renew
  2. cash payment/money [2]
    en effective; al contado ("al" counted cash)
  3. to order [2]
    ordenar (as in to sort); mandar [order crew to send packages]
  4. harsh [3]
    severo; duro; aspero
  5. expectation
    expectiva (expectation that teva's will come back)
  6. smash
    hacer pedazos (lumps, chunks)
  7. retail
    venta al por menor (sell for less)
  8. resign
  9. awkward
    torpe (you are clumsy and awkward in a torpor)
  10. willing [2]
    complacente; dispuesto
  11. require / demand
    exigir (exigent circumstances require quick responses)
  12. forgo [5]
    privar; prescindir; faltar; carecer; pasar sin
  13. comply / fulfill
    cumplir (comply with birthday wishes)
  14. dying
    moribundo ("maury" povich dying in Ted "Bund"y's arms)
  15. to last
    durar (last like a duracell battery)
  16. shield
    escudo (shield with scud missle on it)
  17. charm, rapture, delight, attraction
  18. get injured
    lesionar (get injured in french foreign legion)
  19. juggle
    hacer juegos malabres (do toys of bad bears)
  20. in spite of
    a pesar de (in spite of the "weight of")
  21. infirm
    enfermizo (infirm from the "miso" soup)
  22. reward [2]
    recompensar; remunerar
  23. about (in location)
    acerca de
  24. defeat [3]
    batir; vencer; derrotar
  25. character (in fiction)
    personaje (character held aji tuna in story)
  26. tireless [2]
    incessante, incansable (tirelessly putting cans in garbage)
  27. charge / control
  28. clever, crafty
    astuto (clever as king tut)
  29. cherish
  30. machinery
    maquinaria (maniquins opearing machinery in maquiladora)
  31. tip toe
    andar de puntillas (walk on little points)
  32. slap, whack
    abofetar (hans being slapped by a bobafete)
  33. relate [2]
    relatar (tell about); relacionar (connect things)
  34. expand [2]
    expandir; extendirse
  35. shy [2]
    retraido; timido
  36. cheat [2]
    enganar (cheat in game); estafar ("staff" will cheat on timecards)
  37. gorgeous [2]
    asombroso (gorgeous girl wearing hat); magnifico
  38. to package
    empaquetar (package in tar)
  39. darin, bold, risky [2]
    audaz, atrevido
  40. careful [3]
    precavido, cauteloso, cuidadoso
  41. enhance [3]
    realzar, aumentar, intensificar
  42. improve [2]
    mejorar; progresar
  43. tin
    estano (tin man asking if skin "es tan yo")
  44. downsize
  45. to hold
    tener (to have and to hold)
  46. united / consolidated
  47. wrong [2]
    equivocado; erroneo
  48. across from
    a otro lado de (the other lake is across from)
  49. to embarrass
    avergonzar ("vera" banging "gong" would be embarassing)
  50. nowhere
    por ningun lado (you know you are nowhere when pour 9 guns in lake)
  51. really
    de verdad
  52. to issue, beam, send out [2]
    emitir (issue a mit, emit), publicar (to publish)
  53. hand picked, chosen
    escogido (pick a cog)
  54. disheveled
    despeinado (uncombed)
  55. northwest
    noroeste (Nor + west; nor was from northwest)
  56. unexpected
  57. operating
  58. latch
  59. settlement
    asentamiento (cost a "cent" and a "mint" to buy settlement for dutch)
  60. expertise, skill, workmanship [2]
    habilidad, pericia (expertise of "parisia" croissant makers)
  61. provided
    previsto (provided a "pray" mantis and a "visa")
  62. so long as
    con que (so long as "con" "kaye" is in prison)
  63. unnoticed
    desapercibida; inadvertida (unnoticed in advertisement)
  64. notice [3]
    notar; percebir; observar
  65. instead of
    en vez de (vez=stead)
  66. entitle, authorize, give right to [2]
    autorizar; habilitar
  67. from, as of; to start out from
    a partir de (partir=crack open, burst; start off)
  68. rather (more precisely)
    mas bien
  69. beg [3]
    Mendigar ("Men" diggars beg for $); rogar (beg for "rug" tupee); implorar
  70. mistake for
  71. be mistaken [2]
    equivocar; errar
  72. but, rather [3]
    sino, pero, sin embargo ("sino" russian relations are rather bad w/ embargo)
  73. indeed
    en efecto (Indeed listings "in effect")
  74. trait
    rasgo (little rascals all had weird trait); note, rasgar= to rip
  75. broke (financially)
    arruinado (financially ruined)
  76. bankruptcy[2]
    bancarrota (bank broke); quiebra ("kaye's" "bra" was only thing retained in bk)
  77. [2] true
    verdadero; cierto
  78. itself
    si mismo (mismo = self)
  79. discomfort [2]
    incomodad; malestar ("bad" "to be" is discomfort)
  80. pressurize, press
  81. tighten, become tense [2}
    tensar; apretar
  82. encouraging [2]
    animador; alentador
  83. whip (n)
    latigo (whip someone's "lat"s until they go)
  84. accurate [2]
    exacto, preciso
  85. carve, scult
    tallar (ari carving "tall"er ari statue)
  86. appointment [2]
    nombramiento (appt to name mint); cita
  87. fund
    fondo (funds are always staffed by men)
  88. above (=! Sobre)
    arriba (above "ari" taking a "ba"th)
  89. alley
    Callejon (street of "hon"ey)
  90. ruling (as in a court decree)
    sentencia (note: juzgar = to judge; fallar = adjudicate law)
  91. scholar [3]
    sabio (mario sabio was scholar); escolar (eat escolar sushi); erudito
  92. living (as in a state) [2]
    vida, vivo
  93. subsequent [2]
    subsecuente; posterior
  94. replacement [2]
    reemplazo (re-employ); sustitucion; repuesto. Note: repuesta = response
  95. assemble [2]
    construir; montar (ricardo montalban assembling lego)
  96. counsel (as in advice)[2]
    consejo (a "con" "say"s); asesoramiento (counsel on assessing mints)
  97. remained (remained in seat)
    permanecido (note: quedado=shy, timid, gutless)
  98. businessman [3]
    empresario; comerciante; negociante
  99. make-up
    maquillaje (makeup of "aji" tuna)
  100. poke
    meter (poke girl holding parking meter)
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